Stephanie-Jean McCormick Headshot

Stephanie-Jean McCormick

With six years of experience in Texas public schools, Stephanie-Jean McCormick is most passionate in her commitment to four things: connect, equip, inspire, grow. As an educator, she believes that it is our responsibility to illuminate the beauty and strength of each child’s individuality. Stephanie­-Jean has dedicated her career and professional growth to each of these pursuits while exclusively servicing students that come from low­ socioeconomic backgrounds and students that are at risk. Prior to joining engage2learn, Stephanie­-Jean served the last three years as a secondary RLA teacher and AVID Coordinator in Irving ISD. Before that, she spent 3 years in Tyler ISD teaching RLA and Social Studies at the elementary and middle school level. During this time, she empowered 5th, 6th, and 7th­ grade students to be reflective self­ advocates and compassionate leaders for a diverse and rapidly changing world.

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