Tricia Hoke

Executive Assistant/Travel Coordinator

Tricia graduated college with an Associate degree in Travel/Tourism. She served many roles in the corporate travel field until 9/11/2011 when the office she worked in closed its doors. After a few years of spending time with her three young children a friend suggested she get back into the work force as an Administrative Assistant at the local municipality. It was also at this time, that she decided to coach Jr. High girls’ volleyball at her alma mater school.  She also was a line referee for the high school volleyball games to stay in touch with her former players who moved on to the high school level.  She continued these part-time, fulfilling roles for the next ten years.
Eventually she left her full-time administrative duties and got into the exciting world of booking leisure travel packages for a few years until a former manager asked her to get back into a Municipal Administrative Assistant position. Since there were many roles associated with this position, she was happy to do this for five years. She then obtained a role for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as an Administrative Officer but found herself missing the travel field once again. She found the E2L job listing to be exactly the perfect combination of all of her past experiences; travel, administrative duties, and the education field. She is looking forward to every aspect of this unique job combination with E2L and being a part of the E2L team.

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