Taking coaching and growth to a whole new level.

eSUITE is a suite of applications created by engage2learn specifically designed to help educators at all levels grow and master their craft. It’s a tool for educators to design and create thriving cultures and has been intentionally designed to be a one-stop-shop for growing teachers, coaches, leaders, and learners. Built to work on any device, big or small, eSUITE puts the power of e2L’s processes and best practices in the palm of your hand, providing 24/7 access to tools and resources to help facilitate, document, and report growth over time.

eSUITE Applications:

A comprehensive coaching app that helps educators grow crazy fast!

The eGROWE COACH app provides educators with a real-time, collaborative coaching experience that structures, guides, and facilitates coaching. Built around e2L’s eGROWE Coaching Model, eGROWE COACH allows coaches and coachees to produce detailed records of their coaching effects; growth is then celebrated and recognized through the app’s badging and micro-credentials. eGROWE COACH also includes professional learning standards and growth indicators relevant to the daily practice of educators at all levels, including:

  • ISTE for Leaders and Teachers
  • e2L Life Ready Best Practices for Teachers
  • e2L Lead Standards
  • T-PESS Standards
  • AASL Standards for Librarians
  • e2L Coach Standards
  • Custom standards built by districts

ePLC Logo

An online professional learning community where educators can create, share, and find resources that will help them master the art of teaching and learning.

ePLC will include the e2L Studio library of professional learning resources that run the full gamut of topics from instructional best practices to culture design strategies and everything in between. This extensive library provides teachers, coaches, and leaders access to amazing information created and curated by educators across the country.

Districts also have the opportunity to build a custom resource library by creating and organizing the resources they specifically want to share with their staff. Likewise, individual ePLC users can find, save, and organize resources of their choosing. This gives teachers, coaches, and leaders quick access to valuable information to fuel their professional learning and growth.

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