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Thousands of Resources Aligned to Best Practices

ePLC is an online professional learning community where educators can create, share, and find resources and online courses. From instructional best practices to culture design strategies and everything in between, ePLC’s library of resources is created and curated by educators across the country. In addition to this library of resources, districts can build their own custom library of content by creating and organizing resources they specifically want to share with their staff. This gives teachers, coaches, and leaders quick access to valuable information that fuels their professional learning and growth.

Key Features:

Share Resources from a Vast Library

Need a resource related to instruction? Maybe a video demonstrating a classroom strategy? Want to build a formative assessment but don’t know where to start? Access more than 5K resources that can be shared directly from ePLC during conversations between coach and coachee.

Resources Aligned to Professional Learning Rubrics

Resources can be aligned and assigned to professional learning rubrics so educators can map a clear path of growth for any professional learning standard.

Search, Save, & Organized Your Favorite Resources

Just because our library is vast, doesn’t mean you have to get lost in it. Users can filter and search to find relevant resources and then create and organize their own personal learning library.

Create & Share Resources within Your District

District/campus admins and coaches can create and share resources that remain private to district users.


Resources at your Fingertips!

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