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Transform analysis into action from all of your advanced teacher & student growth data in one convenient place

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When you invest in teacher growth, you invest in student growth.

But without actual data, how do you really know if coaching is working for you? How can you be sure whether or not your district’s investments in smart professional learning are making any sort of real impact on teacher growth and student achievement?

  • Growth Benchmarks by Rubric

    Growth Benchmarks by Rubric - Bar charts showing best practices, best practices for blended learning and best practicest-tess

  • Coaching Touches by Type

    Data showing coaching conversation, planning, classroom visits and other data percentages

  • Badges Earned by Standard & Level of Mastery

    Badges earned by standard & level of mastery with bar graphs for differentiation, scaffolding, assessment, standards alignment and more

  • Coaching Attendance

    Coaching Attendance bar graph showing 85 percent of coachees being present


With impactConsole, now you will have the data to prove the difference you’re making.

Track teacher growth data right alongside student growth data for a clear picture about what is (or isn’t!) positively affecting student outcomes.

Illustration of man touching giant computer screen selecting filters on a calendar, with a badges earned chart lights up with different achievements for Assessments, differentiation, small group instruction, etc

At-a-Glance Aggregate Data

impactConsole gives you quick access to all data from coaching and smart professional learning activities in one convenient location.

  • Evaluate how your entire district or campus is progressing with high-level data

  • Drill down to the specifics with custom data filters

  • Confidently identify what is and is not improving educator growth
Illustration of woman holding giant magnifying glass to big screen chart of Growth Indicators by Month for 2020 and 2021

Identify Growth Gains & Gaps

impactConsole collects and summarizes coaching from all across your district, giving you the ability to monitor coachee progress and pinpoint areas for improvement. Utilize the dashboard to answer what before may have felt like unanswerable questions. Questions like:

  • How much coaching are my teachers receiving?

  • Are my teachers hitting their benchmarks?

  • Are my teachers implementing what they’re learning in the classroom?

  • Where could my teachers be getting more support?

Thousands of data points. Summarized just for you.

But without actual data, how do you really know if coaching is working for you? How can you be sure whether or not your district’s investments in smart professional learning are making any sort of real impact on teacher growth and student achievement?

  • Badges Earned by Role

    Charts showing Badges earned by role with roles - Coach, Librarian, TeacherStaff, Campus Admin, District Admin, and Unknown

  • Student State Assessment Data by Subject

    Bar charts showing students and subjects - social studies, mathematics, science, writing, reading - segmented by not approaching, approaches, meets, and masters

  • Classroom Observations of Student Behaviors

    Classroom Observations chart showing different metrics for different levels of standards

  • Student EOY MAP Results

    Bar chart of Student EOY MAP Results comparing students who did not meet expectations, approaches, meets and masters

impactConsole Logo With impactConsole+, you now have all of your growth and student achievement data in one easy-to-use platform to support the stories of transformation that you’re seeing on the ground.

e2l impactstudent growth vs teacher growth chart

Understand What’s Driving (or not driving) Student Achievement

Upgrade to impactConsole+ and easily import your own student assessment data directly into eSuite to analyze and interpret learner behavior, identify growth and areas for improvement, and see how your efforts are making an impact.

e2l impact teacher retention rate chart

Education Intelligence. Achieved.

Monitor educator growth alongside student achievement, teacher engagement, and attendance and enrollment metrics to be confident in continuing the things that are impacting your students and staff and abandoning the things that aren’t. Incorporate virtually any outside data such as MAP, mCLASS, CLI, Renaissance Reading & Math, teacher retention, state assessment, teacher appraisal, student engagement, attendance, and enrollment to transform insights into actions throughout the district.

Report Gallery

Badges Earned by Role

See a break down of badges being earned by role in the district.

Badges Earned by Standard

See which standards your teachers are mastering and what level of mastery they are achieving.

Student/Classroom Observations

Use classroom observations to see if teachers are implementing best practices with fidelity.

Coachee Absence Report

Keep an eye on the number of missed coaching touches and identify why teachers are not attending their sessions.

Coaching Touches by Type

See a break down of the number of coaching touches conducted by type of coaching. 

Growth Benchmark Report

Growth benchmarks help to identify which teachers are ahead of the curve and which ones need extra support.

Time & Frequency

How much time is being spent coaching? This report shows how much time and how often teachers are being coached.

State Student Assessment

Import your student data into impactConsole to keep your teacher AND student data in one place.

impactConsole+ Required

Student MAP Data

Keep an eye on student growth by importing your district or campus MAP date into impactConsole.

impactConsole+ Required

Student Growth vs Teacher Growth

Upgrade to impactConsole+ and easily import your student and staff performance data to show the direct impact of coaching on classroom, campus, and district success.

impactConsole+ Required

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