Maximizing Instructional Coaching with mySmartCoach-min

The low-stress-for-educators,
intelligent coaching system.

Support all of your teachers — literally 100% of teachers — in less time and for less money than traditional professional development.

mySmartCoach Overview
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Maximizing Instructional Coaching with mySmartCoach-min

Give your teachers the power of personalized coaching with the flexibility of anytime learning.

Every teacher needs extra support right now but most schools/districts only have the resources to support a fraction of their teachers. With mySmartCoach, all of your teachers can receive year-round instructional support that is…


Easy-to-use and


Personalized to their learning style and level of experience


More affordable than traditional PD solutions

What educators are saying about mySmartCoach…

“I love that it's self-paced and that it's very specific to your needs.”

“I feel empowered with more ideas on how to help me be the best educator I can be!”

“...everything is very research based and easy to digest.”

Help teachers learn and implement best practices proven to accelerate student achievement.

The innovative team of elite educators at engage2learn (e2L) have used our extensive experience training, coaching, and growing over 90K educators nationwide to create mySmartCoach to ensure all teachers have a system to support their growth--no matter their level of experience.

Ongoing, on-demand, and bite-sized learning.

Replace one-size-fits-all, full-day training with anytime learning & support paced throughout the school year.

Adaptive learning aligned to teachers’ needs & focused on growth.

Instead of linear learning, differentiated and personalized growth pathways enable teachers to grow in the areas that matter most to them.

Quantifiable impact with easy-to-read growth analytics.

Powerful, connected reporting shows educator growth benchmarks that can be easily correlated to student achievement gains.

Increase teacher retention by investing in talent development & job-embedded coaching

Investing in an intelligent coaching system like mySmartCoach not only increases student growth but can also improve school culture and teacher morale, resulting in lower teacher turnover rates. With the average cost to replace one teacher ranging from $10,000 - 20,000, high teacher attrition could be costing your school or district a lot! Use the teacher turnover calculator linked below to find out how much your school or district is spending to replace teachers.

How does mySmartCoach help educators grow and accelerate student learning?

mySmartCoach: Choose Your Coach Example Page

Choose a virtual coach

Whether teachers are looking for deep knowledge on research or just want to get straight to implementing better strategies, the virtual coaches in mySmartCoach provide just-in-time support in the way each teacher learns best.

mySmartCoach: Choose Your Competency Example Page

Select a professional learning competency

Teachers identify their desired area(s) of growth by choosing from research-based best practices that are scaffolded into a progression of proficiency, designed for both new and veteran teachers alike.

mySmartCoach: Guided Coaching Session Example Page w/ Rubric

Complete a guided coaching session

mySmartCoach leverages the power and extensive experience of e2L Coaching to guide teachers to high-yield, easy-to-implement strategies that ensure teachers are growing in their proficiency and expertise.

mySmartCoach: Add Evidence Sample Page

Implement strategies and upload evidence of growth

Teachers then put what they are learning into practice in the classroom, capture evidence of their implementation, and upload it to mySmartCoach to document their growth.

mySmartCoach: Badge Earned Sample Page

Celebrate growth, earn badges, and repeat!

As teachers submit evidence of their growth aligned to their level of proficiency, they earn microcredential/badges during each subsequent coaching session scheduled throughout the school year.

In case you were wondering

mySmartCoach does NOT replace instructional coaches

Instead, it expands their reach and capacity to provide targeted support to more teachers.

How does mySmartCoach stack up against traditional professional development solutions?

mySmartCoach not only gives 100% of your teachers access to anytime learning, it’s also more affordable than traditional professional development and online courses – all while giving educators more frequent opportunities to learn and grow according to their needs throughout the school year.

  In-Person Workshops Online Courses mySmartCoach.Logo.Icon
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24/7 Access / Anytime Learning x-mark-gray checkmark-purple checkmark-purple
Ongoing support throughout school year x-mark-gray x-mark-gray checkmark-purple
Personalized, adaptive learning x-mark-gray x-mark-gray checkmark-purple
Professional learning aligned to research-based competencies x-mark-gray x-mark-gray checkmark-purple
Evidence of growth and implementation of learning x-mark-gray x-mark-gray checkmark-purple
Professional growth analytics x-mark-gray x-mark-gray checkmark-purple


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