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Increase Your Coaching Capacity and Enable Instructional Coaches to Provide More Targeted Support

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Now more than ever district leaders face a number of challenges–onboarding and training staff with limited resources, delivering student outcomes with teachers exiting the profession at historic rates, retaining the best teachers and staff to improve campuses. Until now there hasn’t been a solution that doesn’t involve drastically increasing headcount. Enter mySmartCoach–the technology-enabled system that gives districts the ability to increase coaching capacity and improve instructional practices for teachers, even when they don’t have access to a coach. mySmartCoach is a self-driven, on-demand coaching system built on our integrated eGroweCoach app and evidence-based coaching process.

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Key Features:

On-demand learning focused on proven instructional best practices

Researched-backed by 800+ academic studies from the brightest minds in teaching and learning.

Consistent, year-round, smart professional learning

Scaffolded support for all teachers and coaches–new and veteran– so that anyone can grow and help their students.

Personalized learning pathways

Educators take ownership of their growth goals independently based on the targeted areas for improvement they choose.

Technology-enabled delivery

Educators receive guidance and learning resources that adapt to their learning style and specific growth goals.

System-generated relevant and effective learning content

Professional learning focused on mastery of rigorous and relevant classroom strategies.

Freedom to focus on high-stakes areas

Districts with coaching teams can dedicate their efforts on the coaching tasks that demand more attention by leveraging technology to handle foundational and administrative tasks.  

Educator growth analytics

Gain key insights into what’s working through impactConsole reports on engagement, growth, and achievement at the individual, campus, and district level.

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