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With the challenges facing public schools today, if teachers aren’t supported, students won’t learn.

Teachers are in desperate need of instructional support that gives them the clarity they need to ensure their students are thriving. This clarity, unfortunately, does not come through simple modeling, classroom observation, or resource sharing, but rather through highly-effective, evidence-based smart professional learning and coaching that guides and focuses teacher growth around instructional best practices. eSuite is the only platform that pulls together every aspect of the coaching process into a single, all-in-one application.



Pauletta Howard headshot

Pauletta Howard

M.Ed. Principal, El Paso ISD

Reviewing those reports and seeing where the teachers are, helps us to decide intentionally what kind of support we’re going to offer.

Leticia Corey Headshot

Leticia Corey

Early Literacy Coach, Mesquite ISD

I am loving the ability to log anything and everything I am doing as a coach!

Leslye Roberts headshot

Leslye Roberts

Principal, Abilene ISD

I love being able to really see what are the goals that my teachers have set in their coaching sessions and how I can support that between sessions.

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Schedule and Facilitate All Your Coaching in One Place

Easily manage your coaching schedule and conduct growth-focused coaching across any content topic or professional learning modality, including workshops, training, or classroom visits, with the coaching calendar and real-time coaching logs in eGroweCoach. eGroweCoach streamlines the coaching process allowing instructional coaches to effectively support more teachers in less time by bringing all facilitation and administrative tasks into one integrated platform.

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Increase your capacity by leveraging adaptive technology

Through on-demand, self-driven coaching with mySmartCoach you now have the ability to provide scaffolded support and improve instructional practices for all teachers–new and veteran– so that anyone can grow and help their students.

Illustration of two women sitting at desks using tablets with large screens above them showing professional learning bullet points

Align Instructional Coaching to Professional Growth Standards

eGroweCoach includes professional growth rubrics and actionable growth indicators that are aligned to research from 800+ studies on the most effective practices that lead to student outcomes and state/national professional learning standards for growth, such as the e2L Best Practices for Learning, Blended/Remote Learning, Literacy, ISTE, T-TESS, T-PESS, ASSL, and many more.

Illustration of a woman pointing at an ipad showing charts of growth data, coaching and badges earned

Track Impact with Coaching & Growth Reports

Get real-time, at-a-glance coaching and growth data reports that directly correlate teacher growth to student outcomes. With impactConsole and impactConsole+, coaches are able to show the impact of coaching while monitoring and analyzing trends and gaps in growth.

Illustration of woman using laptop with target boards, protractors, and a green leaf hovering over her shoulders

Evidence-Based Instructional Growth & Microcrendtials

Collect, document, and share evidence of mastery and implementation of instructional best practices using the growth portfolio feature in eGroweCoach and earn badges* to celebrate your growth. 

*Badges are awarded by your instructional coach.

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