On-Demand Support for Teachers in GroweLab

On-Demand Support for Teachers at Scale

No more waiting for days (or even hours) to get support. Just clarity and real-time answers when teachers need them most.

4 Ways GroweLab Supports Teachers in Real Time

With GroweLab’s teacher support features, teaching and learning no longer have to be a solo act, and district/school leaders can be confident their teachers are getting support from a trusted partner: engage2learn (e2L).

Live Text or Video Chat in GroweLab

Live Text or Video Chat

Connect with an e2L coach via live chat or video call for in-depth support from an expert educator in minutes.
AI-Powered Chat Bot

AI-Powered Virtual Assistant

Use the AI-powered chat bot trained by e2L’s expert coaches to get instant answers to pressing questions and challenges.


GroweLab’s “Smart Coaches” help teachers develop proficiency in a wide range of competencies through self-paced coaching sessions.
Curated Resource Library

Curated Resource Library

GroweLab’s vast library of vetted resources, courses, and video workshops helps teachers learn skills that matter most to their role and level of experience.

See GroweLab's on-demand support system in action.

Give your teachers instant help & ideas on...


Implementing goal setting with students


Creating engaging learning experiences


Formative assessment questions


Setting up station rotation


Tracking student data


And so much more!

Live Text/Video Chat

Live Text/Video Chat with an Expert Educator in Minutes

Get real-time support from engage2learn's elite team of expert coaches by starting a live chat conversation right in GroweLab. Turn to an e2L coach as a thought partner to help you brainstorm ideas for interventions or classroom management, get feedback on learning activities, and/or receive guidance on SEL and wellness, just to name a few. The possibilities are endless! Users can even request a video chat to talk face-to-face with an experienced e2L coach.

AI Chatbot Trained by e2L

AI-Powered Virtual Assistant Trained by e2L

e2L has used our vast and curated library of resources, templates, and research materials to train a private ChatGPT language model to provide instant, high-level support to teachers, coaches, and education leaders. Instead of a mixed bag of search results from unknown sources, have a simple conversation with an AI-powered virtual assistant that has been trained to help educators just like you be more effective in their roles.



Give your teachers the power of personalized coaching with the flexibility of anytime learning. With mySmartCoach, all of your teachers have 24/7 access to instructional support that is user friendly, easy to implement, personalized to their learning style and level of experience, and more affordable than traditional PD solutions.

Vetted Resources in GroweLab

Vetted Resources, Courses, & Video Workshops

Instead of spending hours searching the internet for unvetted resources from unreliable sources, use GroweLab's robust resource library to quickly find tips, tools, and templates created and curated by e2L’s expert team of elite educators to help teachers be more effective in the classroom.

Ready to provide your teachers with real-time support?