Training & Coaching that Help Make Your Technology Rollouts Successful

Do you struggle with how to ensure your technology investment makes a lasting impact on your students?

In this age of constant technology innovation, you don’t have a choice but to invest your time and money in the latest education technology for your students. But how do you make sure this investment doesn’t drain your resources while making little to no impact on student achievement & engagement?

The answer is simple: Design a system that integrates technology and instructional best practices and provide your staff with the training and coaching they need to implement and sustain that system. This is exactly what engage2learn (e2L) has created the Technology Innovation Academy (TIA) to help you do. In fact, e2L has helped over 200 districts implement technology innovations, and our results-driven processes will help you exponentially increase academic ROI for your ed tech.

With TIA, your district and/or campus receives…
Systems Desgn

2 Days of Systems Design + Online "User Manual" Creation

e2L partners with you to design a system that supports technology & instructional best practices using our time-tested 4-step design model.

Immersive Training

2 Days Teacher/Staff Training

e2L will provide relevant and rigorous training for your teachers and staff to help them understand your system so that they are effective in their use of technology in the classroom.

Job-Embedded Coaching

20 Days Teacher Coaching
5 Days Executive Coaching

e2L’s expert coaches will help you sustain your system by providing ongoing support and guidance to your teachers and staff.

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Here's simple truth...
Technology devices do NOT increase student achievement & engagement.

Not unless you design a culture of innovation that integrates technology with proven instructional best practices.

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