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On-Site & Virtual Coaching for Every Educator

Support teachers implementing synchronous and asynchronous learning

Build internal capacity and fuel equity, growth, and engagement across your entire campus or district.

Since 2011, engage2learn (e2L) has honed a highly effective and efficient in-person and virtual coaching system that builds internal capacity and fuels equity, growth, and engagement in public schools. This coaching system, paired with our comprehensive coaching web app, eSuite, has consistently yielded amazing results for our partner districts and has been proven effective in turning around schools and/or successfully launching new initiatives.

engage2learn provides on-site and virtual coaching for:

Virtual & Distance Learning

School Improvement

Teacher & Administrator Growth

District Coaching Support

Coaching Overview & Timeline

From teachers to district coaches, e2L works with educators at all levels to provide on-going growth and support through coaching. Over the course of the school year, e2L’s elite team of coaches conduct 9 on-site or virtual  coaching conversations that are relevant and actionable to each educator. Below is a summary of the strategic coaching timelines used by the e2L coaching team to ensure coaching is systemic and focused while still being customized to meet the needs of each educator.

Session 1 Focus:

Coaching Introduction

In this first coaching session, the coach and teacher launch a coaching relationship by collaborating on overall goals for the process, establishing shared norms, discussing the role of coaching and making mutual commitments to the process.

Session 2 Focus:

Designing Standards Aligned Rubric

In this first coaching session, the teacher learns how to design a 4-level rubric that is aligned to state assessment standards and scaffolded to different levels of mastery. A standards aligned rubric serves as a foundation for student goal-setting and tracking of mastery.

Session 3 Focus:

Differentiation & Scaffolding Resources

The teachers learns how to curate and design resources and learning experiences that are standards-aligned and relevant. These resources and experiences are also designed to meet learners at their level of understanding and give them a clear and personalized path toward mastery.

Session 4 Focus:

Assessment & Formative Feedback

In this session, the teacher learns how to use various digital tools to create standards-aligned pre-assessments and formative assessments. These assessments leverage leveled questions mapped to a standards-aligned rubric to identify the learner’s current state of understanding.

Session 5 Focus:

Culture & Learning Environment

In this session, the teacher learns how to design learning environments that are conducive to collaborative and autonomous learning. The teacher also learns how to leverage tools and create support systems that facilitate and encourage student agency.

Session 6 Focus:

Learner Goal Setting, Autonomy & Entrepreneurship

In this session, the teacher learns how to design and facilitate opportunities for learners to set goals, make personalized learning plans, and track individual progress. The teacher will also learn to create systems for recognizing growth and mastery among learners.

Session 7 Focus:

Small Group Instruction

In this session, the teacher learns how to design, plan, and facilitate differentiated small group workshops based on anticipated and known learner needs. These workshops are standards-aligned and utilize various perceptual modes and checks for understanding.


Session 8 Focus:

Learner Collaboration

In this session, the teacher learns how to design opportunities and tools for effective learner collaboration. The teacher will also learn best practices for managing learner collaboration and conflict resolution.


Session 9 Focus:

Year-End Reflection

In this final coaching session, the coach and teacher examine evidence from the previous session to finalize the teacher portfolio and reflect on growth from the year to celebrate and to provide a basis for planning the ongoing professional learning of the teacher beyond the coaching relationship. 

eGrowe Coaching Model
e2L’s evidence-based coaching conversations cycle

Evidence-based coaching that produces results-driven growth!

The eGrowe Coaching Model is a time-tested, research-based coaching conversation model that provides a reusable, scalable framework for professional and personal growth for educators. Building on the foundation of the widely used GROW model for coaching, the eGrowe Coaching Model has been repeatedly used to produce amazing growth for educators and their students in districts across the country. The true impact and differentiator of the eGrowe Coaching Model comes from its emphasis on documentation and evidence of growth, because if it is not documented, it did not happen!


Coached Educators Show Growth!*
*Based on data from the eSuite coaching app.

What makes eGrowe Coaching so effective?


Clear Standards

Having clear, state-aligned standards for growth means both the coach and coachee know exactly where to focus their attention and efforts. Knowing where to go is key to getting there.



Focus on Evidence

A coachee’s evidence of growth functions as their “proof” they are, in fact, growing. Without evidence, growth is subjective at best. 



Scalable, Job-Embedded Support

Continued support through multiple coaching touches is key to the success of coaching efforts, and the eGrowe Coaching Model is designed to allow coaching conversations to build on each other, creating a “snowball” effect for personal and professional growth.

The Engage Coaching System
5 Essentials for Growing Educators at Scale

What are the 5 essentials to scaling coaching effectively and efficiently either in person or virtually to get the proven results for our partners? We call it the Engage Coaching System outlined below, and this system can integrate with any performance-based coaching philosophy or protocol that a district has already started:

1. Codified Standards

We have found that coaching is only effective at scale and overtime when it is proactively focused on a predetermined set of standards for growth containing codified behaviors that can be applied to practice. Because of this, e2L coaching always centers around rigorous, research-based professional learning rubrics and observable growth indicators that are aligned to state and/or national standards.


2. Evidence-Based Conversations

Based on eight years of experience conducting tens of thousands of coaching touches, e2L has perfected an evidence-based coaching conversation that serves as the basis of an effective and efficient coaching cycle. Leveraging the power of the eGROWE Coaching Model, our coaches are able to conduct coaching conversations that are focused and actionable that are also scalable, efficient, and logistically simple. This method of coaching provides districts a way to coach everyone to fidelity in the actual amount of time coaches have to coach.


3. Personalized Pathways

Coaching should not be one-size-fits-all, but rather both standardized and customized to the needs of your people. e2L personalizes coaching through the use of customizable coaching timelines. These timelines serve a scope and sequence of growth for coachees but are inherently designed to allow coachees to personalize their own goals and growth pathways. This process ensures coachees have ownership of their learning and growth.


4. Coaching Culture

Creating a culture of coaching across an organization involves layered coaching for all staff, including executives, teachers, and even coaches themselves. The structures that facilitate a culture of coaching include responsible rollout planning, setting up a layered coaching system, creating a coaching schedule, designing and communicating expectations, and developing capacity for sustainability.


5. Growth Data Systems

As we say at e2L, if it’s not documented it didn’t happen. Utilizing e2L’s comprehensive coaching platform, eSuite, districts are able to track and analyze coaching efforts and its impact across their district and create recognition systems that reward and accelerate growth. This elegant tracking system allows districts to efficiently manage their coaching processes at scale.

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