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e2L’s Framework for School Improvement

Since 2011, engage2learn (e2L) has been employing a framework for school improvement that shifts school culture for good, builds capacity within your current staff, and ensures learners achieve amazing increases in engagement and achievement, while also acquiring life-ready skills. For districts who want more than just test scores, e2L is the right partner, and we have the results to prove it in a setting like yours.

The One Year School Turnaround Story

For the 2018-19 school year, e2L partnered with Mesquite ISD to provide targeted intervention and talent transformation to help Rutherford Elementary get out of “Improvement Required.” Using e2L’s personalized, evidence-based coaching on high-yield best practices, Rutherford experienced amazing teacher growth along with massive – and in many cases, double-digit – gains in student achievement!

The Laser Team Approach to School Improvement

The e2L framework for school improvement is rooted in the best available research on the most effective means of building internal capacity and increasing effective Tier 1 Differentiated Instruction; personalized coaching on high-yield best practices.

Step 1: 

Determine Area of Greatest Need

e2L works with district leaders to identify specific campuses, grade levels, and/or subject areas that are in greatest need of improvement.

Step 2: 

Deploy Laser Team of Coaches

e2L pairs a Laser Team of certified coaches with teachers across the identified areas of need, providing targeted intervention and building internal capacity with your current staff.

Step 3: 

Focus on High-Yield Best Practices

e2L transforms your current talent by providing focused, actionable coaching based on the High-Yield Best Practices, which provide teachers with the essential tools to master the art of rigorous, standards-aligned instruction, while maintaining a laser-like focus on student learning outcomes.

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