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engage2learn| Our "Why"

Shannon Buerk, CEO of engage2learn, talks about the incredible opportunity we have in education today, and gives an inside looks at the engage2learn "Why".

Our Story

At the heart of engage2learn is our mission of growing all learners including students, teachers, campus leaders, as well as district staff by providing engaging, effective, and customized facilitation, professional learning/training and coaching services. During the past five (5) years, engage2learn has partnered with more than 125 school districts in rural, suburban and urban communities to design and implement future ready learning systems. More importantly, over one million Texas students have experienced a more engaging learning environment while acquiring Future Ready Skills © this school year due to Engage’s partnership with these forward-thinking school districts.


Shannon Buerk

Founder / CEO
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We believe that . . .

  • all people can learn.
  • leaders in education have a moral obligation and an amazing opportunity to create K-12 public education in America.
  • growth mindset is essential to personal and professional growth and the only effective educators are life-long learners.
  • meaningful learning is self-directed, relevant, and internally motivated.
  • youth who are expected to succeed are more likely to succeed.
  • highly effective educators adapt to the needs of their learners.
  • learning only happens when the learner recognizes an authentic need.