Data-Informed Growth Coaching Collaborative

Ensure your investment in coaching is leading to actual results.

The Data-Informed Growth (DIG) Coaching Collaborative is the culmination of 10 years of rigorous, validated research conducted by esteemed professors from Rutgers University and Arizona State University on the most effective coaching actions in public education.


Implement the science of coaching in your school or district with the essential coaching actions proven to lead to educator growth and retention AND increased student outcomes. This collaborative merges in-depth professional learning tools and resources with an integrated coaching platform, resulting in the only research-backed, evidence-based coaching assessment and certification.

The Data-Informed Growth (DIG) Coaching Collaborative is a 12-week program designed to ensure participants are highly proficient at:


Facilitating data-informed goal setting aligned to job-embedded competencies

Using data to identify needs and resources to accelerate growth, goal attainment, and plan development

Providing constructive, welcomed performance feedback and guidance

Using e2L’s integrated instructional coaching platform to keep all of your data in one place

Leveraging education analytics and growth data to measure progress and connect to desired outcomes

Increase the Effectiveness & Capacity of Your Coaches

Based on 10 Years of Research

The DIG Coaching Collaborative culminates in a coach assessment and certification based on 10 years of validated, peer-reviewed academic research published by esteemed professors from Arizona State University and Rutgers University on the coaching skills and actions that best accelerate and improve student outcomes.

Coaching Model Agnostic

Regardless of which coaching methodology or framework used by your school or district (Bambrick’s Get Better Faster, Jim Knight's Impact Cycle, e2L’s Growe Coaching), you can bring the Science of Coaching to your model and learn how to use data and the essential coaching actions to drive meaningful change and growth in your instructional and non-instructional staff.

Not Just for Instructional Coaches

Designed for principals, assistant principals, principal supervisors, instructional coaches, central office staff, and any education leader responsible for growing their teams, this collaborative and certification program focuses on helping leaders achieve proficiency in facilitating data-informed growth for any position or role within your organization.

12-Week Collaborative Cohort Overview:
  • 2-day Collaborative Cohort Kickoff Session*
  • Weekly Autonomous, Asynchronous Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly Virtual Workshops
  • 3 Virtual Video Calibration
  • 3 Virtual Debriefs on Calibration
  • 360 Coaching Assessment & Certification
  • 7 GroweLab Licenses (1 for coach and 6 teacher/coachee accounts)
  • $4,950 per participant
  • Eligible for continuing 
    professional education in your state
*in-person and virtual options available

Upcoming Cohorts


In-Person Cohort Kickoff

July 24 & 25

Hotel Van Zandt | Austin, TX


Virtual Cohort Kickoff

July 27 & 28

Via Live, Interactive Video Conference

Limited space is available. Cohorts will fill on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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