New Teacher Coaching

Instructional support that ensures increased retention, self-efficacy, and effectiveness for your new teachers.

Set your new teachers up for a thriving career in the classroom

with coaching and support from engage2learn’s team of elite, expert coaches.

An alarming percentage (68%!) of new teachers do NOT feel like they have been adequately prepared to be effective in the classroom. It’s no wonder more than 1 in 3 new teachers quit teaching within the first five years of being in the classroom. With these numbers, most school leaders struggle to combat high levels of teacher attrition, decreased teacher wellness, and overall teacher effectiveness.

The good news is the answer to all of these problems is simple…

Strategic teacher support for teachers with 0-3 years of experience in the classroom.

engage2learn provides district and campus leaders the opportunity to curb the tide of teacher attrition through new teacher coaching.

New Teacher Coaching from engage2learn will…
 Increase Teacher Self-Efficacy
Increase Teacher Effectiveness
Increase Teacher Retention

1 in 3 new teachers quit teaching illustration

it costs on average $20,000 to hire and onboard each new teacher illustration

Coaching is the Key to Keeping Teachers…

and preserving precious budget dollars!

The research is clear. Providing teachers one-off professional development training does NOT lead to improved learning experiences for students, especially in urban, low socioeconomic settings. But job-embedded, personalized coaching helps teachers feel valued and supported and transforms daily practice with a transfer to behavior rate of 99% (Joyce, B., and B. Showers, 1995).

This is why coaching is key to keeping teachers–and helping them become effective, too. Through on-going coaching support, your teachers…

  • Grow in and are able to effectively implement key instructional strategies proven to yield sustainable success quickly for learners that can be applied to remote or in-person environments.
  • Experience non-judgmental, non-evaluative support from an expert who truly understands the pressures educators face.
  • Feel valued, confident, and effective, which helps them to actually become more effective.

New Teacher Coaching Program Overview:

Each member of the New Teacher Coaching Cohort will receive the following:

7 Coaching Conversations

Each coaching session will be conducted by an e2L Certified eGrowe Coach using e2L’s proven, evidence-based eGrowe Coaching Model and High-Yield Life Ready Best Practices.

Coaching conversations will be virtual. In-person coaching is available with a 24 teacher minimum.

1-Year Subscription to eSuite

With eSuite, your new teachers receive access to our comprehensive coaching platform, thousands of professional learning resources on instructional best practices, and over 30K standards-aligned learning units.

3 New Teacher Collaborative Webinars

This unique PD opportunity will provide new teachers with an opportunity to deepen their knowledge and mastery through specialized PD topics and collaborative networking sessions with new teachers from across the country. Webinars will be scheduled to take place throughout the school year.


Now accepting applications for the 2021-22 New Teacher Cohort

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