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What is personalized learning?

There are a range of instructional approaches that fall under the umbrella of “personalized learning.” Many districts implementing blended learning, competency-based learning, flipped classrooms and the like are ready to take the next step on their journey to personalized learning, but are unsure how to get there. At e2L, we believe personalized learning is intentionally designed, teacher-facilitated learning experiences, customized by each learner. Because of this, we have developed the e2L Personalized Learning Ecosystem to help educators ensure that every student has access to a rich and innovative learning experience.

Personalized learning isn’t just about what happens in the classroom…

It takes a village an ecosystem.

Achieving personalized learning at scale requires a thriving ecosystem of innovation.

The e2L Personalized Learning Ecosystem (PLE) provides school districts a multi-level, holistic approach that aligns the entire culture and systems around providing every student with truly personalized learning experiences. Effective personalized learning is not another program added to your existing systems and methodologies, but rather the result of an interconnected system of organic parts. The PLE is composed of 6 elements that form a robust, thriving, productive, organic system.

The e2L Personalized Learning Ecosystem is your answer for bringing achievement and innovation to every classroom in your district.

Personalized Learning Ecosystem Components

Student as Collaborative Self-Advocate

Autonomous Learner • Collaborative Problem-Solver • Resourceful Self-Advocate

Within the Personalized Learning Ecosystem, the student collaborates with peers to problem-solve and plan while setting and pursuing individual goals for learning utilizing the resources provided to customize a personalized pathway with the help of a teacher/coach.

Teacher as Designer & Coach

Learning Experience Designer • Resource Creator • Learning Coach

In the PLE, the teacher has the critical role of designing relevant learning experiences that can be customized by each learner as well as coaching individuals and small groups of students to reach their learning goals. This role requires a higher level of talent, critical thinking and expertise to facilitate the systems and the just-in-time learning opportunities required in this elegant learning environment.

Personalized Learning Model

Individualized Learning Paths • Defined Roles & Behaviors • Life Ready Best Practices

To keep all of these moving parts cohesive and productive, the PLE implements a structured model that both students and teachers follow in order to ensure the most effective and efficient use of time for learning. A model with clear stages and protocols allows teachers and students to have a structure within which to customize and operate autonomously with assurance that the pace and timing and outcomes are aligned.

Agile Learning Environment

Agile Learning Spaces • Technology-Enhanced Learning • Fluid Space, Time, & Staff

The role of the teacher and student can be facilitated in the PLE by a learning environment that is responsive and can flex to meet individual needs. The physical environment shapes behaviors by either facilitating those behaviors or inhibiting those behaviors. A classroom environment with furniture and technology that is mobile and can shift easily from whole group to small group to individual groupings or that can accommodate all at the same time seamlessly supports the PLE.

Aligned Systems

Systems Design • Strategic Abandonment • Coaching Systems

The transition to the PLE from one-size-fits-all learning is further facilitated by aligning the curriculum, assessment, scheduling, communication, and professional learning systems to a personalized approach. Often, leaders adopt a vision and expect teachers to carry it out without any additional support, but leaders who provide consistent coaching and aligned systems consistently see their vision become reality.

Synergistic Leadership

Culture Catalyst • Collaborative Designer • Systems Thinker

Synergistic leaders collaborate with the team to design the vision and make decisions creating teacher efficacy which is key to increasing student achievement. Synergistic leaders also understand their role as a culture catalyst and intentionally create the culture that ensures personalized learning thrives. Finally, synergistic leaders are systems thinkers and do the difficult work of aligning systems to facilitate and support the behaviors and roles conducive to a PLE.

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