TEA Vetted Improvement Program

Catalyst Coaching Program

Targeted instructional support through personalized, job-embedded coaching for teachers, campus leaders, and principal supervisors.

The Catalyst Coaching Program is a TEA Vetted Improvement Program for school improvement that provides personalized, job-embedded coaching to teachers, campus leaders, and principal supervisors. This targeted instructional support program ensures the key practices in ESF 1.1 are continuously enacted in order to transform classroom/campus culture and increase effective Tier 1 Differentiated instruction in any classroom.

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Catalyst Coaching Program Overview

All training and coaching sessions can be provided onsite, virtually, or a combination of the two, at the district’s discretion and dependent upon current COVID-19 restrictions.

Principal Supervisor Training and Coaching

2 Training Days & 7 Coaching Sessions (1 hour each)

e2L Certified Executive Coaches work with Principal Supervisors on specific critical moves for supporting campus leaders related to each of the Prioritized Focus Areas listed in Target Improvement Plans, ensuring continuity and long-term sustainability of continuous improvement processes across all improvement required campuses. e2L facilitators also align all training and coaching outcomes to the Prioritized Focused Areas as defined in Targeted Improvement Plans.

Executive Training and Coaching for Campus Leaders

2 Training Days & 7 Coaching Sessions (2-3 hours each)

During two initial training days, leaders will begin to clearly define roles and determine the systems needed to implement and monitor plans for improvement that address the causes of low performance, develop systems for securing the best possible teaching faculty, and create the components of a collaboratively determined, well-defined culture and elements of effective instruction. The subsequent seven coaching conversations conducted by an e2L Certified Executive Coach ensure campus leadership is provided implementation support over the course of the year-long improvement process.

Teacher Training and Coaching

3 Training Days & 9 Coaching Sessions* (45 min-1 hour each)

e2L pairs its certified coaches with teachers across a campus, specific grade level, or subject area feeder pattern. Our content experts provide teachers targeted, intensive support through personalized coaching. Using e2L’s proprietary evidenced-based coaching conversation model, teachers receive focused support on effective instruction and instructional strategies that improve both objective-driven daily lesson plans and data-driven instruction. This focused intervention for teachers also dramatically improves student achievement and engagement.
*Each session is conducted during the designated teacher planning period or before/after school if preferred by the teacher.

eSuite® - All-in-One Teacher Support Platform

Principal Supervisors, Principal/Assistant Principals/Other Campus Leaders, and Teachers will have access to eSuite to demonstrate growth through evidence-based coaching on best practices for leadership and instructional best practices. eSuite includes support tools and resources that directly support Prioritized Focus Areas listed in Target Improvement Plans, such as the development and/or use of exemplar units/lessons that are differentiated and include high-quality tests for all tested grades and subjects.

The One Year School Turnaround Story

For the 2018-19 school year, e2L partnered with Mesquite ISD to provide targeted intervention and talent transformation to help Rutherford Elementary get out of “Improvement Required.” Using e2L’s personalized, evidence-based coaching on high-yield best practices, Rutherford experienced amazing teacher growth along with massive–and in many cases, double-digit–gains in student achievement!

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