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A modern learning experience ensures students are truly prepared for the future.

Through e2L’s Learning Innovation Framework (LIF) Design process, you can increase achievement through an innovative vision for learning.

e2L’s LIF Design process helps you clarify your vision for the ideal learner experience based on the characteristics, skills, and traits that the local community desires for students in their public schools. We help you consolidate all your initiatives and programs into one aligned framework to ensure your investment in time, energy, and dollars are actualized in the classroom.

Our goal is to help you ensure learners have the necessary experiences to thrive in today’s context.

LIF helps district partners create a framework for blended learning, personalized learning, social emotional learning, literacy, active learning, college and career readiness, and more.

Many districts are looking for solutions that make social emotional learning (SEL) a reality. The LIF Framework integrates SEL automatically in its student-oriented focus, ensuring students practice SEL with measurable improvements in achievement and LIF Ready Skills.

As a result of the LIF process, you’ll design a learning framework that is unique to your district and aligned to your learner profile or desired learner skills. The framework includes specific learner outcomes, defined and branded components, and resources. Your framework will be grounded in the e2L-curated LIF Ready Best Practices that ensure student achievement.

Why do I need a learning framework?

Not every district implements a learning framework, but it’s the best way to increase student achievement and get a return on your investment. A learning framework prevents teachers from seeing each initiative as “one more thing” and unites them within one framework.

A Learning Innovation Framework:

Is aligned to community vision
Integrates current district initiatives into “one thing”
Ensures you increase achievement while innovating the learner experience
Provides equity of experience in your classrooms for all learners
Aligns to performance metrics to measure return on investment

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