Diana Branch

Culture Design Strategist



Diana is a trainer, teacher, coach, and Coaches Academy coach with engage2learn.  

While working with engage2learn, she has had the privilege to work with educators who are dedicated to ensuring that their students are not only successful in the classroom, but have the skills necessary to be successful in the future.  

With Diana’s past experience, she is able to identify and connect with various roles in the district. She knows and understands how teachers feel when we ask them to try something outside of their comfort zone. With that being said, Diana also understands the struggles and successes an administrator and instructional coach go through while supporting teachers through change.

Diana has a passion for education and specifically for supporting educators so they can directly affect the success of their students. She is proud of the work that she does because the districts that we partner with want what is best for their students.

Diana worked in public education for 16 years before joining the engage2learn team. During that time, she worked as a classroom teacher, mentor teacher, school counselor, assistant principal, and principal. Diana taught in the classroom from grades K – 8, some of that experience during summer school, and was an administrator at both the elementary and secondary level.

Diana worked with districts to train teachers and principals in their district’s framework and then to coach them on the best practices throughout the school year. She also provided executive coaching to administrators throughout the school year where the focus was on T-PESS, along with providing Coaches Academy training.   

Key Engage Projects

  • Mesquite ISD Literacy
  • Frenship ISD Learning Framework
  • Huntsville ISD HISD Learning Framework
  • South San Antonio ISD Learning Framework

Professional Experience

  • Served as English Language Arts teacher at elementary level and seventh and eighth grades
  • Served as a self-contained teacher at the elementary level and as a 4th grade writing teacher
  • Developed a student tracking process based on a combination of evaluation data points and student work
  • Served on Elementary Curriculum Writing Committees
  • Developed a position for a Reading Specialist and, with collaboration from the teacher she hired, developed the job responsibilities and chose the curriculum for the position

Education and Certifications

  • M.A. Administration Leadership |Lamar University
  • B.A. Education | Sam Houston State University
  • ESL Certified
  • Elementary English
  • Elementary Self-Contained
  • Guidance Counselor
  • TTESS/TPESS Certified

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