Jill Galloway Headshot

Jill Galloway

With almost two decades in product implementation and user research, Jill leads product strategy, innovation, and design. She is known for elegant digital solutions and solid implementations that improve outcomes and workflows. An educator with a background in Computer Science and Engineering, her unique perspective allows her to collaborate on technical solutions that are rooted in user empathy. The belief that drives her is that we can learn our way through any challenge and come out on the other side stronger. Jill feels it’s our responsibility, as educators, to create opportunities for students to develop this mindset, so they can take on challenges, whether an assignment on a new topic or something life-changing, such as escaping poverty. As Chief of Product Innovation, she and her team enable these opportunities through products that support educators and learners. Prior to joining e2L, Jill held EdTech leadership positions in DFW area school districts.

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