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Sarah Mallette

Sarah joins engage2learn with nine years of experience in education. She began her career as a third­ grade science and social studies teacher in her rural hometown district outside of Houston. After relocating to Houston, she became a third-grade math, science, and social studies teacher in Aldine ISD. While in this role, she served as a mentor teacher, became a student ­teacher supervisor, and was a three ­time finalist for Teacher of the Year. Additionally, her love of blended learning and technology integration led her to receive a grant to flip her classroom and create flexible seating areas. After four years, she moved to Spring ISD with her principal to become a fifth­ grade math teacher. While in her first year at Spring, she received the honor of being named Teacher of the Year for her campus and was a district Teacher of the Year finalist. She then exited the classroom to become a math instructional coach and campus instructional technology specialist. Since leaving the classroom, she has served as a digital learning coach, math instructional coach, interim district elementary math curriculum specialist, and instructional technology specialist. Sarah has a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. 

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