2020-21 Instructional Plan for Distance Learning

Planning your 2020-21 school year? We’ve put together resources and guidance to help public school educators plan for the 2020-21 school year regardless of what school will look like.

Catalyst coaching to grow your
whole team.

Create and develop the amazing team of educators your students need to succeed in school and beyond

on-site and virtual coaching for:

Distance/Virtual Learning

School Improvement

Teacher/Admin Growth

District Coaching Support

Coaching is the #1 method to impact and support your new, overwhelmed, and even high performing educators.

Since 2011, engage2learn (e2L) has been helping the neighborhood public school be the first choice for every family.  We have honed a highly effective and efficient in-person and virtual coaching system that builds internal capacity and fuels equity, growth, and engagement in public schools.

Proven Process

From large urban districts to rural districts, our coaching system has consistently yielded amazing results for our partners and has been proven effective in turning around schools or successfully launching new initiatives.

Passionate People

e2L’s team of experienced and highly trained coaches are like the special forces of educator growth. Our team helps school districts get the student engagement and achievement results they desire most.

Integrated Platform

Our eSuite app is the first comprehensive coaching and professional growth platform designed to help public school educators both standardize and personalize coaching and growth for everyone.

Engaging Products

e2L’s library of virtual professional learning courses provide interactive, on-demand learning opportunities that help educators master research-based instructional best practices.

Trusted by over 79,000 educators, including…

What our partners are saying…

"In our first virtual session with Jamie, we brainstormed the idea of a teacher survey regarding what programs/subjects where they need the most help in planning virtual learning. As a result of the survey, we are able to see what additional information/training can be offered to teachers.  One "ah-ha" moment I had was the realization that we are all "new" to this new world, yet we have the tools available to get us to be successful in virtual learning. Jamie is so flexible and always finds a way to meet us at our "reality" and lead us towards what tools we can use to make virtual learning successful."
Christina, Active Learning Leader, El Paso ISD
"After a conversation with one of my coachees regarding his frustration with teaching in a virtual environment, I met with my virtual coach, Amber, who shared the virtual best practices rubric.  This sparked some ideas to help me craft better questions to guide my coaches through the reflection process to identify the source of frustration. My coachee was missing the face-to-face discussions that evoked critical thinking skills. We explored ways he could: 1. Organize content within the virtual learning platform. 2. Include more time for students to collaborate and discuss more critically, 3. Leverage technology tools to communicate more personally and effectively. We devised some options to specifically address his points of frustration, like using the video tool in a Canvas Discussion assignment to facilitate higher-level discussions. This added a layer of personalization that allowed students and teacher to read body language, view expression, and better understand the tone of the ideas and content discussed."
Ann Witherspoon, District iCoach for Secondary SS & CTE, Midlothian ISD
"e2L virtual coaching has provided continued encouragement for me to think digitally and creatively. I needed a neat, innovative way to promote current information for my students, while still allowing them access to older items (an archive).  Through virtual coaching, Richelle helped me with a strategy of embedding older items with a slide. It was a simple, yet elegant idea and gave me the confidence to share it with others. One Ah-ha was a reminder to lean into what I already know and to expand on it.  I've used Google Slides for years, and it never dawned on me to embed it into my website this way. I'm now motivated to go back through other apps so I can discover innovative ways to use them at home!"
LaShonda Roberson, Media Specialist/Librarian, Dallas ISD
"The support I have received through e2L virtual coaching sessions has allowed me to quickly identify the systems needed to support the transition to a remote learning environment. By applying the best practices and system protocols, our educators were able to quickly transition into this new learning format and continue to support the growth of our students."
Nikki Parker, District Testing & Academic Coordinator / Blended Learning Program Director, Iraan-Sheffield ISD
"I think our virtual coaching has helped teachers take what they’ve learned in their coaching environments and use that for students and help them be successful. Our blended learning, including coaching, prepared us for virtual learning. I realized that the planning and organizing we did to start was the model we have followed all year and made it even more simple. It’s how to help do things without reinventing the wheel."
Amy Frazier, Principal, Iraan-Sheffield ISD
Key Services

In today’s world, there is no one-size-fits-all, pre-packaged solution that works for every school district. Even though every implementation is different, e2L works with partner districts to help them create a sustainable culture of equity and engagement through three key services.

On-Site & Virtual Coaching

On-going support through coaching is key to professional growth and transforming daily practice, and using the Engage Coaching System, allows districts to implement structured, systemic--yet personalized--coaching for all their people.

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School Improvement

e2L's Laser Team of expert coaches provides targeted coaching to areas of greatest need. As a result, e2L partners experience massive gains in student achievement and engagement.

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Personalized Learning

e2L’s Personalized Learning Ecosystem provides school districts a multi-level, holistic approach that aligns the entire culture and systems around providing every student with truly personalized learning experiences.

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Ready to Partner with e2L?

While we can’t work with everyone, we would love an opportunity to explore whether a partnership with e2L can help your district achieve your vision for learning at scale.

NEWS FLASH: We don’t want to be your partner forever!

In fact, from day one, we are trying to work ourselves out of a job by helping to transform your local talent into a team of teachers, coaches, and administrators who can sustain and lead your vision for years to come. Our greatest joy and passion comes from seeing our partner districts continue to grow and thrive long after we’ve stopped working together. So basically, we aren’t happy until you don’t need us anymore!

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