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engage2learn exists to grow teachers, coach leaders and engage communities to achieve their highest hopes for students.

Over the past five years, engage2learn has worked with educators and communities in and out of Texas to help them design, implement, and sustain their own local vision for learning. Because of our partnership with these forward-thinking school districts, over one million students have experienced a more engaging learning environment while acquiring necessary Future Ready Skills.

It all starts with empowering local communities to design their own vision for learning.

Locally Designed Vision for Learning

No one better understands the unique challenges and opportunities of your local community and/or school district than you!

That’s why school districts partner with engage2learn to ”Go Local” in the designing of a community-based vision for learning. Using our unique, five-step Design Process, engage2learn facilitates the process by which community stakeholders discuss and share their highest hopes for children. This meaningful feedback serves as the foundation for local communities to develop a measurable accountability system easily aligned with shared community expectations.

Facilitation Services: Strategic Design, Learning Environment Design, Culture Design, Learner Profile Design, and Teacher, Leader and Superintendent Profile Design

Featured Client/District: North East ISD, San Marcos CISD, South San Antonio ISD

Responsible Rollout

You’ve set the vision. You’ve got your plan.
Now, how will you successfully implement your plan of action?

The highly customizable training services offered by engage2learn provides a framework by which you are able to responsibly--and successfully--rollout your strategic plan or initiative. Using our highly engaging Learning Framework, we intentionally design professional learning experiences to be immersive, meaningfully productive collaborations between members of your team. So don’t expect any sit-and-get lectures or 3 ring binders!

Training Services: Team of 8, Executive and Leadership Team Training, 1:1 Initiatives, STEM/STEAM, PBL, Instructional Best Practices and much, much more!

Featured Client/District: McKinney ISD, Keller ISD

Sustainable Systems

Untapped human capital doesn’t have to be untapped!

engage2learn knows that personal and professional growth doesn’t just happen on its own, but instead requires intentional, deliberate effort. Our Coaching Model ensures you have the fidelity and sustainability to leverage your district and campus talent pool, and in turn you get the results you want. That’s why engage2learn takes a “coach to win” approach to growing teachers and coaching leaders. By doing so, we are able to equip educators with the tools necessary to produce measurable, long-term growth and achievement.

Coaching Services: T-TESS/T-PESS Coaching, Campus/District Leader Coaching, Executive Team/Superintendent Coaching and much, much more!

Featured Client/District: Arlington ISD, Corpus Christi ISD

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Over the past 5 years, engage2learn has worked tirelessly with educators across Texas to create and establish real, sustainable growth for . . .









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