We help public schools develop their
school leaders.
operations staff.

We help public schools develop their talent.

Increase the competency and capacity of your staff to accomplish the goals and priorities that are most important to your school or district.


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engage2learn is the talent development partner helping public schools across the country...

Align to Priorities

Align educator/staff growth to district priorities.

Expand Capacity

Expand their capacity to support more educators & staff.

Correlate Outcomes

Correlate & measure impact on student/staff outcomes.

Trusted by public school educators nationwide.

Since 2011, engage2learn (e2L) has been the leading talent development partner for public schools through smart professional learning, evidence-based coaching and support, and related technology solutions for…







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Evidence-based talent development, supercharged by Education Intelligence.

We partner with public schools to provide competency-focused, evidence-based coaching and job-embedded support for educators and administrators. Customizing to the specific needs and priorities of each partner district, we utilize smart professional learning to directly correlate educator growth with learner outcomes. This Education Intelligence gives leaders actionable insights into which initiatives are most effective in driving long-term change and improvements.

What to expect from talent development with engage2learn.

Public school educators are facing unprecedented challenges:

Instead of giving educators more training to attend or programs to implement, it's time to get smart about talent development with support from engage2learn.

e2L Talent Development System/Methodology:

Competency-Based Professional Standards

Ensure educators and staff are developing mastery of research-based skills and competencies by leveraging professional learning standards designed to improve school culture and drive better outcomes for all students.

Evidence-Based Coaching & Support

Instead of relying on anecdotal observations and check-the-box forms, evidence-based support empowers principals, coaches, teachers, and staff to set attainable professional learning goals and meet those goals by showing evidence of their growth.

Educator & Student Growth Analytics

Document the growth of your educators and staff and then correlate that growth with your student outcomes data to know exactly how effective your programs are at improving outcomes for learners.

We customize our solutions to maximize your results.

Every school/district is unique, which is why we customize our services and solutions so that they are optimized to help your district achieve the goals and priorities most important to you. As a true talent development partner, e2L empowers public schools with evidence-based support and advanced educator growth analytics to solve the most challenging issues facing public schools today.

Data-Informed Growth Coaching Collaborative

Based on 10 years of validated research, this 12-week collaborative for leaders merges in-depth professional learning tools and resources with an integrated coaching platform, resulting in the only research-backed, evidence-based coaching assessment and certification.

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Teacher Support & Retention

Whether new or veteran, support your educators with evidence-based teacher coaching proven to accelerate student outcomes while reducing stress and burnout.

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School Improvement / Transformation

Our coaches are able to identify and target the areas of greatest need first, cutting through the clutter to bring your school the right help to improve learner outcomes fast.

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GroweLab is the all-in-one instructional coaching platform that transforms traditional professional development.


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