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Most districts have a clear vision of what they want for all learners, but the existing culture and systems seldom get them there. We engage districts in a 3-step process that sparks a culture shift and creates massive gains in achievement and engagement for all learners regardless of their zip code.

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"We have been coaching in Mesquite for several years, but the difference this year is that we have a systematic, district-wide approach to coaching in our elementary schools. Classroom teachers, coaches, principals, and district leaders are all talking the same talk and working towards walking the same walk. Our culture is changing. Everyone is working towards the same goal with tools in place to support growth. This is why we have so many bright spots. This is why things are taking off."
Andrea Bailey, Coordinator for Elementary Language Arts/Reading, Mesquite ISD
"I believe that this resulting plan that has come out of this process is going to prepare our students for the careers of our future. I found the process to be innovative, very inclusive, research-based, and a powerful tool to help us transform our instructional environment to answer the needs of our students going into the future."
Bob Benda, Member of Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce and FWISD Citizens Oversight Committee
"Collaborating with our community to build a vision for the future of Harlingen CISD using the e2L process has provided the cohesiveness, ownership, and focus on learning that propelled the district through elections that funded our dreams and made those dreams reality."
Arturo J. Cavazos, Superintendent, Harlingen CISD
"The superb quality of the e2L Model, coupled with the exceptional coaching and customer service, transformed the culture in our schools!"
Dr. Janis Jordan, Former Assistant Superintendent, Corpus Christi ISD

Since 2011, engage2learn has had the unique honor to partner with visionary educators across the country to impact…





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Do you struggle with how to achieve your vision at scale?

e2L’s 3-step Scaling Innovation Plan demystifies the process to rolling out innovations in your district at scale. Our time-tested, data-driven process can help you plan, design, and implement your vision so that it reaches every learner in your district.

Step 1: 

Design Culture & Systems for Innovation

  • Design cultural tenets that best express and support your vision
  • Create and align systems to the desired culture and vision  and/or strategically abandon conflicting systems
  • Determine success metrics including learner outcomes

Step 2: 

Create a Roadmap for Innovation

  • Create a 3 to 5-year plan to responsibly roll out your vision
  • Calculate coaching capacity needed to support your rollout
  • Determine who and when you will onboard cohorts of key staff

Step 3: 

Scale Innovation with Personalized Coaching

  • Provide relevant, rigorous training aligned to your success metrics and/or outcomes
  • Provide ongoing support and guidance with personalized coaching using e2L’s evidence-based coaching model
  • Iterate systems to support and sustain vision/innovation

Ready to achieve your vision at scale?

Key Services

In today’s world, there is no one-size-fits-all, pre-packaged solution for innovation in school districts. Even though every implementation is different, e2L works with partner districts to help them create a sustainable culture of innovation through three key services

School Improvement

e2L's Laser Team of expert coaches provide targeted coaching to areas of greatest need. As a result, e2L partners experience massive gains in student achievement and engagement.

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Learning Framework Design

e2L’s Learning Framework design process helps districts clarify and achieve their vision for the ideal learner experience based on the characteristics, skills, and traits the local community desires for students.

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Facilities/Tech Planning

Use e2L's backward design process to create facilities and technology rollouts that perfectly align to your community's vision for learning.

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NEWS FLASH: We don’t want to be your partner forever!

In fact, from day one, we are trying to work ourselves out of a job by helping to transform your local talent into a team of teachers, coaches, and administrators who can sustain and lead your vision for years to come. Our greatest joy and passion comes from seeing our partner districts continue to grow and thrive long after we’ve stopped working together. So basically, we aren’t happy until you don’t need us anymore!

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