Coaching & Support for Educators at All Levels

Aligned to Empirically Validated Academic Research & Extensive Coaching Experience

From teachers to board members and everyone in between, we help public schools build internal capacity to improve student outcomes and increase teacher retention.

engage2learn (e2L) provides customized coaching solutions to help K-12 public schools...


Accelerate Student Outcomes


Attract & Retain Teachers


Streamline & Optimize Systems


Effective coaching is not a mystery. It’s science!

The coaching methodology designed and employed by e2L is grounded in academic research and extensive coaching experience and has been proven effective by in-depth professional growth analytics and independent data review.


10+ Years of Peer-Reviewed, Academic Research

Empirically validated academic research from esteemed professors at Rutgers and Arizona State Universities have culminated in identifying the coaching skills and actions that consistently improve student performance and teacher retention.

Experience Coaching Tens of Thousands of Educators

Since 2011, we have coached teachers, instructional coaches, principals, and district leaders from across the nation on a wide range of initiatives, always aligning our work to the needs and outcomes that matter most to our partners.

Millions of Data Points on Coaching & Growth

We use GroweLab to capture data from (literally) every coaching interaction we complete. We then connect that data to student and teacher performance data to conduct deep analyses to continually refine and improve our coaching practice.
Two people in a coaching session

What outcomes do e2L partners experience as a result of coaching?

We are passionate about ensuring that our coaching leads to actual improved outcomes for our partner districts. Therefore, we've partnered with well-respected research firm LXD Research to independently validate the student achievement gains and improved teacher retention rates that our partner districts are experiencing.

Graph: Average Percentages of K-5 Students Meeting Math Targets

Improved Reading & Math Scores

Students of teachers who earned 4 or more competency badges saw a dramatic increase in NWEA MAP Growth scores in reading and math compared to their peers (i.e., students of teachers with no competency badges)

Graph: Grade 6-8 Growth in Math and Science

Improved Math & Science Scores

We compared student performance data between 6th-8th graders whose teachers earned microcredentials as a result of e2L coaching and 6th-8th graders whose teachers did not and found that e2L coaching significantly impacts math and science scores.

Graph: 5-Year Teacher Retention Rate Average

Near 100% Teacher Retention

Over the course of 5 years, this district was able to retain 98-100% of their coached teachers – 10-14% higher than those teachers who did not receive coaching – despite skyrocketing attrition rates at a national level.

What is unique about e2L’s approach to coaching?

Since 2011, engage2learn (e2L) has honed a highly effective and efficient coaching system that is proven to help public schools improve student outcomes and attract and retain talented teachers and leaders. Here are the 4 key components of e2L coaching that our partner districts love and trust:

Icon: Coaching Model Agnostic

Coaching Model Agnostic

Optimizing your coaching program doesn’t have to mean starting from scratch. e2L brings systems, protocols, and documentation tools to streamline and scale the impact of 1-on-1, PLC, and observation-based coaching models.
Icon: Competency-Focused Goals

Competency-Focused Goals

Competencies give educators the autonomy and clarity to set and achieve growth goals on role-specific skills and best practices. e2L uses research-based, nationally normed, and leveled competencies as a framework to scaffold and guide professional growth.
Icon: Evidence of Implementation

Evidence of Implementation

In addition to being job-embedded, individualized, and actionable, e2L coaching leverages documented evidence of implementation to verify that growth from coaching is leading to actual improved practice in the classroom.
Icon: Connection to Outcomes Data

Connection to Outcomes Data

With GroweLab, educators can document all of their coaching activity in one platform, while also connecting that growth data to student and staff outcomes to measure, quantify, and report out the effectiveness of their coaching program.

What our partners are saying...

What types of coaching does e2L provide?

No one needs a critic, but everyone needs a coach! That’s why e2L partners with public schools to provide coaching at any and all levels of the organization. Our approach has always been to help districts implement high-performance coaching that is aligned with the district’s goals and priorities. We do this by coaching your people and/or training your people to coach others in your district.

Learn more about e2L's Data-Informed Growth Coaching Workshop

Training Workshop for Instructional Coaches & Leaders

The Data-Informed Growth Coaching Workshop is a comprehensive professional development program that equips coaches and administrators with the skills and tools to implement a high-performance coaching program that improves outcomes for teachers and students alike. 

Coaches Academy for Instructional Coaches

High-caliber teachers are often promoted out of the classroom and into instructional coaching roles without being given the right training, tools, guidance, and support to be effective coaches. The e2L Coaches Academy provides in-depth, personalized coaching to instructional coaches and specialists to help them align their coaching practice and systems to the science of coaching.

The e2L Coaches Academy combines shadowing, calibration, and growth-data analysis to ensure coaches are helping teachers develop proficiency in instructional best practices.

Learn more about the e2L Coaches Academy

Hear from school- and district-level leaders from a variety of districts sharing their experiences with e2L coaching.

School/District Leadership Coaching

Most principals and district leaders have not been given a clear roadmap for how to integrate effective teacher support systems into their busy schedules. e2L coaches school- and district-level leaders to help them develop the skills and systems that transform school culture, increase teacher retention, and ultimately improve student outcomes.

Teacher Coaching

Regardless of your area of focus – school improvement, reading, math, ELL, SpEd, or any other initiative e2L helps upskill the talent of your teachers, regardless of their level of experience, to ensure that they feel more confident in and effective at meeting the diverse needs of students. After all, helping teachers feel supported is key to creating a teaching and learning environment in which teachers want to stay.

Hear from teachers from across the country as they share their experience with e2L coaching.

Operations/facilities staff from Dallas Independent School District talk about how coaching has transformed their work culture.

Non-Instructional Staff & Leadership Coaching

Over the past several years, more and more districts have seen the value of providing coaching and guidance to their non-instructional staff because, ultimately, every department impacts the lives of students in your district. Supporting the staff across facilities, transportation, HR, technology, and other departments has been a major contributor to school- and district-wide transformation for our partners.

Roles: Pincipals and Leaders

What coaching platform does e2L use? GroweLab!

To ensure our partner districts are able to coordinate and conduct all of their coaching in one platform, e2L developed and uses GroweLab to document coaching and measure its impact on students and teachers alike. We love GroweLab's robust coaching, professional learning, and reporting features, and our partners do too!

Can e2L help us improve our current coaching systems?

Since 2011, e2L has partnered with hundreds of public school districts to help them design and support the 5 essential components of the High-Performance Coaching System. Using this system, e2L can help your district perform a coaching system review to identify critical opportunities and strategies that will improve and optimize your current coaching system to produce desired results aligned to your district’s priorities.

e2L High-Performance Coaching System Framework Graphic
High-Performance Coaching System

e2L’s framework for creating scalable coaching programs that drive improved outcomes

Ready to accelerate student outcomes and retain top teaching talent?