Beliefs define our why. Culture drives our how.

Our beliefs and cultural tenets express our commitment to public schools and how we treat each other and the thousands of educators who trust us to support their teachers, instructional coaches, principals, and students.

e2L Core Beliefs

The beliefs listed below represent our collective convictions about learning and serve as the foundation for our culture.

We believe...


Public education is the heart of a free and thriving culture.


Leaders have a moral obligation and an amazing opportunity to continuously create K-12 public education in America.


Meaningful learning is self-directed, relevant, and internally motivated.


Growth mindset is essential to personal and professional progress, and the only effective educators are lifelong learners.


Highly effective educators adapt to the needs of learners.


All people have the right to discover their unique gifts and the responsibility to share them with others.


All people deserve equity in the expectations for their successes and equity in the learning experience to develop the life-ready skills, confidence, hope, and wisdom to thrive.

The culture of e2L is...

e2L Cultural Tenets

Our collective thoughts, actions, values, and beliefs are reflected in the vibrant and thriving work culture we have created at engage2learn. These seven key cultural tenets drive our behaviors and define our success. They speak to who we are as an organization and empower us to cultivate a culture of growth and learning at engage2learn and with our partner districts.

Our mission inspires each of us to hustle every day and compels us to strategically sacrifice to ensure we have the intended impact before it is too late. We must be agile and focused because we are the point of the spear.
When mission matters most, there is no room for ego. Our calling gives us courage greater than ourselves in the face of obstacles and opposition. We customize to local context while never compromising our values.
Simplify is our mantra; sustainability is our goal. We challenge ourselves with constraints that benefit our partners and increase our impact while fueling our creativity. We know that innovation is more about implementation and iteration than ideation, so we walk more than we talk.
We embrace challenges as opportunities to learn. We crave feedback because it makes us better. We measure what we value, and if it isn't documented, it didn't happen. We are so convicted by our processes that we use them on ourselves.
Empathy is at the heart of all of our processes. We design solutions and experiences so that people can use their gifts. Everything we do is on purpose
True collaboration requires vulnerability, eradicates competition, and elevates each person to their best and highest use. Great minds think differently; as a team, we discover the best solutions that we all own.
Humbled by the opportunity we have to make a difference, we do not take for granted that our partners are trusting us to help make their vision a reality. We vow to always be real, to be who we are. Therefore, we trust our own intentions, actions, conscience, e2L processes, and each other.

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