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engage2learn ESSA Level 2 Grade 6-8 Efficacy Study

Measuring the Impact of Educator Competency on Math & Science Scores in Grades 6-8

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Study Description

engage2learn (e2L) provides an in-person and virtual coaching system that helps educators develop proficiency in implementing core instructional competencies. Learning Experience Design (LXD) Research, a third-party independent evaluator, was hired to analyze data collected during the 2021-2022 school year. The goal was to measure how e2L contributed to the faculty's shared and growing use of instructional best practices, and if those best practices impacted student outcomes.

This well-designed, correlational study suggests that educator growth in e2L competencies meets the standard for ESSA Level 2 Moderate Evidence by having a statistically significant impact on math and science achievement for students in grades 6-8.


Student Achievement Growth in Math & Science


When educators grow in core competencies, students experience accelerated learning gains!

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Sample Group

Sample Size

LXD-Teacher 110


LXD-School 10


LXD-Student 1,353


Student Demographics






Eco. Disadvantaged

Additional Demographics


Large Urban District in Texas

Grade Levels:



Math & Science



Program Overview

engage2learn (e2L) partnered with the district to provide coaching for teachers, instructional lead teachers, assistant principals, instructional coaches, and office staff. Teachers were coached on the instructional best practices and worked with their e2L Coach to design their own path toward standards mastery within the district-selected competencies. Teachers earn badges as they demonstrate evidence of practice. Strand Badges represent meeting or exceeding expectations in three related growth indicators (GIs) within a competency. Leveled Standard Badges indicate at least three GIs across a set of related best practice competencies.

Strand Badges

Strand Badges Graphic

Standard Badges

Leveled Badges Graphic

Educators at the 5 schools receiving e2L coaching have been earning badges since the 2020-21 school year.

Cumulative Badges Earned Graphic-V2

Key Findings/Results

NWEA MAP reports whether students reached their projected growth targets. Additionally, math and science are indexed by the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) at the end of each school year.The following results provide evidence that educators who earn badges with engage2learn have significant and higher impacts on student growth in math and science than educators in comparison schools who did not get coaching. Statistical explanations highlight differences between e2L badge earners and comparison schools.

Grade 6-8 Student Growth in Math

NWEA MAP Growth Assessment

Average Overall Math Score Gain from Fall 2021 to Spring 2022


Stats Citation: t(1,351) = 7.1, p <.001 Cohen's d effect size = 0.38

STAAR Assessment

Percent of Students At/Above Grade Level in Spring 2022


Stats Citation: t(1,351) = 5.6, p <.001 Cohen's d effect size = 0.31

Grade 6-8 Student Growth in Science

NWEA MAP Growth Assessment

Average Overall Science Score Gains
from Fall 2021 to Spring 2022

LXD-Graph-Science-NWEA MAP

Stats Citation: t(176) = 3.6, p <.001 Cohen's d effect size = 0.31

STAAR Assessment

Percent of Grade 8 Students* At/Above Grade Level
in Spring 2022


Stats Citation: t(1,351) = 5.6p, p <.001 Cohen's d effect size = 0.31

*STAAR Science Assessment in not administered to students in grades 6-7 


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