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When you’re committing a large investment to your learning environment, you want to make sure your dollars are spent in the right place.

e2L makes sure your facilities and technology plans are intentional, culture-focused, and based on your community vision for learning with our Learning Environment Design (LED) process. Districts can choose to focus on LED for facilities planning (LED Master Plan) or technology planning (LED Tech). For long term planning, partners can also combine LED Master Plan and LED Tech for an even greater impact on learning.

We know you want to make a positive impact on student achievement and engagement, and we’re here to make the magic happen.

LED Tech

For LED Tech, e2L partners with school districts and communities to create an ideal learner experience. e2L then facilitates a design team, which applies that learner experience to create technology profiles, technology assessments, and long-range technology plans that all support that designed learner experience.

LED Master Plan

During LED Facilities, e2L partners with school districts, communities, and design firms for facilities planning and assessment. During this partnership, we create a unique framework written by your community and district, actionable design principles for construction or renovation, and a sequenced timeline for rollout. The e2L Learning Environment Assessment of Readiness and Needs Rubric, or LEARN Rubric, identifies campus-based needs and aligns them to the implementation of the vision for learning.

Show how architecture, design, technology, and the learning environment realize returns in equity of learning experience, Life Ready Skills, and achievement. We know exponential student growth is possible when good design and good instruction come together - and that means better outcomes for our children in public schools.

Do I need Learning Environment Design? Why spend the time?

A learning-based facilities or technology plan is crucial to ensuring your dollars are well-spent and your learners experience a culture of high performance. Prove that you have return on investment in your initiatives where it matters most - in young minds.

What's included in LED?

  • Community Summits
  • Focus Groups
  • Survey
  • Community Engagement Report
  • Learning Innovation Framework
  • Learning Environment Design Principles
  • Learning Environment Assessment of Readiness and Needs (LEARN) Rubric
  • Technology Profiles
  • LEARN Rubric Assessment
  • Educational Specifications
  • Technology Plan
  • Facilities Master Plan


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