Teacher membership network

Empower novice teachers and cultivate high performance at the same time.

Stress-free, job-embedded support and skill development proven to simultaneously increase student performance and teacher retention.


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5 Layers of Growth and Development for Teachers

Rapid growth for teachers.
Rapid results for school leaders.


5 Layers of Growth and Development for Teachers

The engage2learn teacher membership network helps teachers become proficient, confident educators ready to deliver high-quality, research-driven instruction. Supported by engage2learn’s elite team, our proprietary, evidence-based program enhances performance, boosts job satisfaction, and fosters community. Hundreds of districts nationwide trust this holistic, 5-layer approach to achieve double-digit gains in student performance and teacher retention.

The engage2learn membership network helps new & novice teachers…

Feel more confident

Improve classroom instruction

Increase student performance

Stay in the classroom!

Over 300 districts nationwide have trusted engage2learn to achieve double-digit gains in teacher retention and student performance within the same school year.

Featured Partner Results

Teacher Retention Rate

Among 1,440+ coached teachers

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Student Achievement Point Increase

All grades and subjects

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Reduction in Discipline Referrals

At CSI School in Texas

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Research-based instructional best practices proven to increase student performance.

Since 2011, e2L has helped over 75,000 educators improve their classroom implementation of instructional best practices backed by extensive academic research. Our ESSA-validated approach to improving teacher practice on these and other skills consistently produce double-digit gains within the first year of e2L support. 


What teachers are saying about support from e2L…

"I really like working with engage2learn, and I really like doing it right off the bat because now it’s all I know in teaching."
Baylee McCarroll, Abilene ISD

"I have great coaches that help us every step along the way and give us the resources we need."
Melissa Tejeda, Spring ISD


Membership/Network Overview

engage2learn’s teacher membership network fuels rapid growth in teacher performance to ensure your novice teachers are more confident and effective in the classroom within the same school year.

Members receive access to each of the proprietary, evidence-based support and development services listed below:

Set your novice teachers up for a thriving career in the classroom!