engage2learn (e2L) is a TEA-Approved Provider for the Strong Foundations Planning Supports Grant!

This TEA grant supports eligible Texas school systems in creating a strong, research-based instructional math or literacy framework.

Application Period: Closed

What is the Strong Foundations Planning Supports Grant?

TEA's Strong Foundations Planning Supports grant program stems from the understanding that all students across the state of Texas deserve equitable access to research-based, high-quality instruction. The grant is designed to support LEAs in developing a clear vision around and strong instructional framework in math or literacy.

These instructional frameworks are grounded in the research of how kids learn in literacy and math and are aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Such a framework helps LEAs develop a clear, research-based system of values and guidance, ensure alignment of curriculum and instruction systems, and build the "why" behind instructional changes for all stakeholders. Many LEAs have used this framework to evaluate and improve alignment of instructional materials and professional development supports, while also drawing clear connections to the new changes in the STAAR Redesign.

Benefits of the Grant:

  • Funding for technical assistance from approved providers to facilitate a collective learning series on the research of how students learn in math/literacy and support stakeholder engagement, project management, and change management throughout the framework development process.
  • Opportunities to participate in district leader Communities of Practice to hear progress updates and different approaches from other LEAs similar in profile.
  • Additional flexible funds that LEAs can use to support stipends for project managers and staff participating in grant activities and/or associated travel costs.
  • Access to exemplars of key deliverables that LEAs can adapt for local context.
  • Receive priority for future TEA grant awards aligned to literacy and math supports.

The TEA Strong Foundations Planning Supports grant application is currently closed.  

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e2L’s Math and Literacy Framework Support Services:

e2L is honored to be a TEA preferred provider for the Strong Foundations Planning Supports grant. To help school districts successfully leverage the funding available through this grant, e2L provides the following support services:

Learning Framework Design & Implementation

e2L utilizes a collaborative design process to engage stakeholders and conduct robust data analysis that informs the district's needs assessment while honoring the priorities and the goals of the district. e2L can guide your district through this framework development process with a variety of supports:

  1. Co-created roadmap
  2. Communication plan buildout
  3. Design & delivery of a collective learning series
  4. Development of a stakeholder-backed LEA math and/or literacy framework
  5. Creation and submission of a framework implementation plan
  6. Creation of a plan for instructional materials supports
  7. Monitoring, collecting, and reporting data to TEA
  8. A case study outlining your district's process from start to finish

engage2learn has successfully managed multiple projects of similar scope using standard project management processes and robust project management software.

Evidence of Effective e2L Support:

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