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How do you make sure your learners are actually learning and not just having fun? How do you know your investment is making an impact on teachers and leaders? e2L’s solution, eGrowe, takes out the guesswork. eGrowe is an online personal growth platform that allows students and adults to be guided and coached on their learning goals. eGrowe gives a framework to individualize, monitor, and analyze growth in actionable ways.

Life Ready Skills Survey

Measuring career readiness continues to be one of the top challenges educators contend with. Stakeholders are looking for data to show the return on their investment in the classroom. They want proof that students are leaving school with a quality education under their belts and are prepared for the real world.



Learning Environment Design (LEDe)

Are you preparing for a bond? e2L is here to ensure your learning environment matches your learning goals during facilities or technology assessments and planning.
When you’re committing a large investment to your learning environment, you want to make sure your dollars are in the right place. e2L makes sure your facilities and technology plan is intentional, specific, and strategic with our Learning Environment Design.

Learning Innovation Framework Design (LIFe)

How are you ensuring that you get a return on your investment? How do you know that your learner experience actually matches your vision? e2L’s Learning Framework Design process helps you create an ownership model for all of your initiatives. We combine your initiatives into one unique learning framework that your educators can use in the classroom to measure both growth and engagement.

e2L Equity and Engagement Learning Framework

Do you want a proven learning framework that’s fresh out of the box? The e2L Framework has had proven success across the country. We’ve used it in turnaround situations, on alternative campuses, choice campuses, and in gifted and magnet programs. The e2L Learning Framework includes a five-step structure that’s customizable for collaborative, personalized, and relevant teaching and learning.

Strategic Design

You need a vision and we can help you create it. The e2L Strategic Design process is different because we involve the community at every phase of crafting your strategic plan. Our Learner Profile Facilitation also helps schools define the characteristics, skills, and traits that the local community wants from students in their public schools.


Responsible Innovation Design (RIDe)

You’ve created a roadmap of where you want to go, but how do you get there? e2L helps you plan and roll out your initiative. Whether you’re designing for 1:1, personalized learning, literacy, or STEM, e2L facilitates your rollout for the smoothest possible transition.

eGrowe Executive Training & Coaching

Leadership matters. As campus administrators become instructional leaders on campus, it’s critical that they train and coach to improve their abilities. A collection of forces presses on school leaders to continue growing and developing, and that’s where e2L steps in to help. Our proven coaching process ensures leaders have the tools they need to lead.

eGrowe Teacher Training & Coaching

Teachers are your best asset in the classroom. Are you investing in them? e2L’s eGrowe coaching model ensures you have fidelity and sustainability in your district’s talent pool to get the results you need.


Game Changers Coaches Academy

The e2L Game Changers Coaches Academy is a training and coaching package where district coaches can become certified as e2L Certified eGROWE Coaches by applying the processes that e2L has proven to get results. It’s a perfect program for instructional specialists, library-media specialists, IT coaches, assistant principals, and district or campus coaches.

e2L Coaches Academy

Our goal is to make your district’s coaching self-sustaining. We help districts certify existing coaches through our e2L eGrowe coaching model so they can continue growing teachers in the long run.

Culture Strategic Design

You have a vision for your educators and learners, but do you have a vision for your leadership team? Our Leadership Framework Design helps you create a framework to measure and grow your leadership against your initiatives.

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