You+engage2learn=High Performance Culture

Our Services

We partner with you to create a high performance culture in your district through
a collaborative local vision, clarity of methods and coaching for growth.

Collaborative Local Vision

Designing Your Community Inspired Vision
No one better understands the unique challenges and opportunities of your local community and/or school district than you!

Strategic Design/Planning
We engage your community in designing an actionable 5-year operational plan.

Learner Profile Facilitation
The e2L Learner Profile Design results in a shared vision for the entire community.

Learning Environment Master Planning
Preparing for a bond? We can ensure instruction drives construction during facilities assessment and planning.

Clarity of Methods

Making Your Vision a Reality
You’ve set the vision. You’ve got your plan. Now, how will you successfully implement your plan of action?

Initiative Planning/Rollout
1:1? CCR? Personalized Learning? Literacy Focus? STEM? We facilitate an effective design and rollout of your initiative.

Learning Framework Design
Our e2L LFD process facilitates an ownership model by integrating initiatives into your district’s ONE unique learning framework.

e2L Framework
The proven e2L Framework has been effective in turnaround situations, alternative campuses, gifted programs, magnet programs and other innovative campuses.

Coaching for Growth

Ensuring Sustainable Growth
Untapped human capital doesn’t have to be untapped!

Executive Training/Coaching
The e2L GROWE model coaching for campus and district leaders uses a dynamic online system, eStudio.

Teacher Training/Coaching
The 16 e2L-Curated High Yield Best Practices are the foundation of coaching proven to create teacher growth documented in eStudio.

Coaches Academy
Use the performance-based e2L GROWE model to certify your district coaches for sustainability.

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