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e2L helps public schools tackle their most pressing needs.

Data-Informed Growth Coaching Collaborative

Based on 10 years of validated research, this 12-week collaborative for leaders merges in-depth professional learning tools and resources with an integrated coaching platform, resulting in the only research-backed, evidence-based coaching assessment and certification.

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Teacher Support & Retention

Whether new or veteran, support your educators with evidence-based teacher coaching proven to improve student outcomes while reducing stress and burnout.

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Strategic Design & Planning

Implement an actionable 5-year plan for your district that aligns with your community’s expectations and highest hopes for learners.

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Equitable Outcomes for English Language Learners

Design intentional systems that help educators create an integrated learning environment that ensures English language learners are well-supported and growing.

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School Improvement & Transformation

Our team helps identify and target the areas of greatest need first, cutting through the clutter to bring your school the help needed to improve outcomes for learners fast.

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Expanding Coaching Capacity

Increase the capacity and effectiveness of your staff by certifying existing district coaches and using e2L’s evidence-based coaching platform, eSuite, to cultivate a culture of growth and learning for everyone.

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Principal / Supervisor Coaching

Give supervisors smart coaching systems that rely on evidence-based results versus observation practices, reducing time spent on coaching and helping leaders improve their daily practices.

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Personalized & Mastery-Based Learning

Create an individualized, growth-based learning system where students receive the tools, experiences, and resources they need for mastery and lifelong learning.

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Teacher Instructional Coaching

Implement evidence-based, job-embedded coaching that fuels professional growth and engagement aligned to your district's short- and long-term priorities.

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Learning Framework Design & Implementation

Provide every student with dynamic, engaging learning experiences that are intentionally designed to ensure continual growth and learning.

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Culturally Responsive Teaching

Promote better student engagement and achievement through coaching methods that help educators connect with students from diverse backgrounds and different life experiences.

Blended Learning

Give campus leaders and teachers the systems and processes necessary to diagnose mastery and differentiate student learning plans for all students for onsite and remote instruction.

English Language Arts / Literacy

Accelerate ELA/literacy gains for your students with intentional coaching on research-based instructional best practices proven to accelerate literacy outcomes for learners.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Through e2L's expertise, platforms, and data-driven insights, create equitable support systems for teachers that lead to equitable learning experiences for students.

Organization-Wide Culture & Climate

Build an intentional culture that celebrates the process of improving and learning for everyone, utilizing actionable data and resources to foster staff and educator growth.

Social-Emotional Learning

Help your students succeed in more than academic performance by integrating social-emotional learning and life-ready skills into the fabric of the learning experience.


The Single Source of Truth for All Your Instructional Coaching.

GroweLab is the instructional coaching platform designed to help public schools nurture teacher growth in role-specific skills, increase retention, improve student outcomes, streamline systems, and transform growth data into actionable education analytics.


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