Better PM for Ed Leaders – Session 02:

Optimizing Projects with Streamlined Communication Systems

April 7, 2022  • 11:00am – 1:00pm CDT

In part 2 of the Better PM for Ed Leaders series, district leaders will learn how to design effective communication systems that streamline the flow of information, ensuring everyone’s “in the loop.” We’ll also be sharing how to assess the effectiveness of your current communication systems and how to identify and address problems that threaten the success of your project and/or initiative.

About Better PM for Ed Leaders Series:

The Better PM for Ed Leaders series is perfect for district/central office administrators who want to master how to effectively plan and execute highly efficient projects and initiatives. From project kickoff to completion and everything in-between, this collaborative, 2-part virtual event series will help you learn how to manage, monitor, and evaluate the success of your projects and/or initiative.


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