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Working with public school districts of all types and sizes, our approach is never cookie-cutter, never one-size-fits-all. With each partner district, we tailor our approach to fit the local context without compromising the results our partners strive to achieve.

Evidence-based support and professional growth analytics to know it’s working.

Our partner districts benefit from the Education Intelligence that comes from directly correlating their professional learning initiatives to key student and staff success metrics. Our partners use data-informed insights from the reports in impactConsole to quantify the impact, taking the guesswork out of coaching and professional learning initiatives.

e2L K-5 Efficacy Study Cover

ESSA Level 3 K-5 Efficacy Study

engage2learn (e2L) recently hired Learning Experience Design (LXD) Research, a third-party independent evaluator, to analyze and correlate educator growth collected in eSuite and to student MAP Growth data collected during the 2021-2022 school year. The goal was to measure how e2L coaching and support contributed to the implementation of instructional best practices, and if those best practices impacted student outcomes.

The study was designed to provide ESSA Level 3 Promising Evidence on the impact of e2L coaching and support interventions on student achievement and found that there is a statistically significant impact on both reading and math student growth.

Featured Results

teacher retention rate coached vs non-coached teachers chart

98% Teacher Retention

Urban partner district with 56K+ students

Teachers who received e2L coaching felt more supported and confident in their ability to accelerate outcomes for learners — and most importantly, they didn’t leave.

student growth vs teacher growth

Teacher Mastery Leads to Student Mastery

Partner district with 30K+ students

Accelerating educator professional growth is key in predicting student success via MAP growth data.

facilitates department response time chart

Improved Productivity Improves Learning Environment

Large Urban District with 153K+ students

Through coaching, this district's facilities department reduced their response time by 83% across the entire district, ensuring facilities/maintenance issues that impede learning were resolved more quickly.

english language learners chart

Accelerating Outcomes for English Language Learners

Urban partner district with 50k+ students

English language learners from this Texas/Mexico border district dramatically improved their achievement scores after just two years of teacher coaching.

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