Boosting Literacy Development & Cultivating Culture Through Competency-Based Coaching

Situated east of the sprawling Dallas, Texas, metroplex, the Mesquite Independent School District (ISD) comprises 50 schools and nearly 40,000 students. In 2015, the district entered into a partnership with engage2learn (e2L) in an effort to boost literacy development, embarking on the rewarding journey toward building an innovative, inclusive, and intentional district culture.

"What we're doing is creating a model that centers around building capacity of teachers, while allowing the teachers to be the owner and innovator of what needs to occur in the classroom."

Dr. David Vroonland
Superintendent, Mesquite ISD

Knowing that a successful implementation begins with a locally designed solution, e2L facilitated multiple strategic sessions with district stakeholders to collaborate on and ultimately design the Mesquite ISD Literacy Framework. Read to full case study to learn how this simple yet effective foundational plan transformed educator growth, classroom instruction, and student outcomes.

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