The Right Way to Create and Scale a District-Wide Cultural Shift

With a student population of nearly 60,000, disparities in income and opportunity in the Arlington Independent School District (ISD) were leading to wildly different student outcomes from one school to the next. With 72% of students considered economically disadvantaged, there existed a very real barrier to equity within the district.

Under the visionary leadership of Superintendent Dr. Marcelo Cavazos, Arlington ISD set their eyes on achieving an ambitious goal: fundamentally shift the culture bit by bit until a wave of innovation swept across the district. The key to accomplishing this was to engage all district teachers and leaders in individualized coaching on research-based competencies aligned to best practices before correlating professional growth data with student outcomes data, thereby paving the way for students to excel academically and in the real world.

Read the Arlington ISD case study to see how this multi-year partnership led to vastly improved student outcomes and teacher retention rates!

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Arlington ISD Common Assessment Math Performance Graphic

Arlington ISD Retention Rates Graphic