Buerk Rubric DIY: Leveling the Standards

Developed by engage2learn Founder & CEO Shannon K. Buerk, the Buerk Rubric is a growth-based learning system that empowers teachers to design differentiated lessons and learning experiences that provide every student with an autonomous and individualized path toward academic achievement.

And now, you can build your very own Buerk Rubric! Download the DIY resource for step-by-step instructions and implement your scaffolded rubric in any classroom, grade level, or subject area.

"With the Buerk Rubric, I've been able to differentiate and cater to each of my students' individual needs. I have seen student scores really improve between pre-assessments, progress checks, and post-assessments. Students love that they get to set goals and choose their assignments. I see a lot less fear when they're tackling their assignments."

Middle School Teacher
Lancaster, Texas

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