On-Demand Webinar: Key Strategies for Teacher Retention

Is your district experiencing an influx of first-year teachers this year? Are your veteran teachers feeling burned out? Is there too much on everyone’s plate? You’re not alone!

So, how do you support and retain your new and veteran teachers without adding to their already full plates?

During this free, on-demand, Dr. Steven Wurtz, Chief Academic Officer for Arlington ISD, and Shannon Buerk, Founder and CEO of engage2learn, have joined forces to provide you with key strategies to retain your teachers without overwhelming them.

Watch the "Key Strategies for Teacher Retention" webinar to gain actionable insights on how to effectively apply these methods in your district. Dr. Wurtz and Shannon discuss:

  • How job-embedded individualized coaching increases teacher retention;
  • Ways district and campus leaders can cultivate a more supportive environment; and
  • Impressive data out of Arlington ISD on the correlation between teacher coaching, increased retention rates, and improved student outcomes.


Dr. Steven Wurtz, Chief Academic Officer, Arlington ISD

Steven Wurtz has served as the Chief Academic Officer of the Texas-based Arlington Independent School District since 2014. He is responsible for developing and collaboratively actualizing the district’s learning framework and facilitates the articulation of the district’s instructional and curricular direction. As a progressive educator, he is regularly invited to speak to both state and national audiences and has thoughtfully co-designed systems for leadership development centered on the strengths of evidence-based coaching.

Shannon Buerk, Founder & CEO, engage2learn

Shannon served as a public school educator for 20 years, holding positions ranging from classroom teacher to assistant superintendent, before bringing her expertise to and founding engage2learn in 2011. Throughout her career as a public education professional, Shannon has been striving to help public schools cultivate a coaching culture that gives educators the support they really need to ensure every student thrives in school and in life.


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