5 Strategies & Tools to Support New and Veteran Teachers

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One out of every four teachers will be brand new to the profession this school year1. How will your district build coaching capacity while also addressing personalized professional learning for new and veteran teachers that will lead to positive learner outcomes in the classroom?

During this free, on-demand webinar you will walk away with an understanding of:

  1. What the difference is between professional development and smart professional learning
  2. How to utilize on-demand coaching systems, like mySmartCoach, to increase coaching capacity and personalize professional learning
  3. Applying evidence of growth to make instruction more effective in the classroom
  4. How to tie professional growth analytics back to student outcomes
  5. How to use this data to impact student growth and learning

Have a direct impact on your alternative certification teachers, new teachers, long-term subs, or any teachers not currently receiving instructional coaching. Take advantage of a tool like mySmartCoach that can help your instructional coaches support more teachers and increase your team’s capacity. Because ultimately, when teachers grow, students grow!



Jill Galloway, Chief of Product Innovation, engage2Learn

With almost two decades in product implementation and user research, Jill leads product strategy, innovation, and design. She is known for elegant digital solutions and solid implementations that improve outcomes and workflows. An educator with a background in Computer Science and Engineering, her unique perspective allows her to collaborate on technical solutions that are rooted in user empathy. As Chief of Product Innovation, she and her team enable opportunities through products that support educators and learners. Prior to joining e2L, Jill held EdTech leadership positions in DFW area school districts. 

1 Source: Rand; Job-Related Stress Threatens the Teacher Supply