On-Demand Webinar: Redesigning Teacher Evaluation Systems


In times of increasing complexity and educator overwhelm, one opportunity for school and district leaders to reduce teacher stress is by rethinking teacher evaluation systems. Rather than focusing on compliance-driven teacher evaluation scores as indicators of performance, leaders can instead focus on individualized growth in relevant, role-specific competencies over time. Leaders can then utilize that growth data to measure each educator’s impact and provide positive recognition to celebrate individual efforts. 

This provides leaders with the necessary data point to effectively connect adult growth to student growth, which is a much more robust indicator of success. 

In our experience providing direct teacher support for over a decade, we have proven that effective educator support leads to increased levels of job satisfaction and retention. As an added benefit, this support organically improves teacher evaluation scores, killing two birds with one stone! 

In October 2023, engage2learn (e2L) hosted a webinar – now available on demand – to help school and district leaders just like you redirect the focus from teacher evaluation scores to research-backed, growth-focused evaluation systems. Access the webinar to gain actionable, evidence-based solutions for customizing teacher evaluations and integrating growth data into decision-making and recognition.


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Dr. Michael Hinojosa

Chief Impact Officer

Dr. Chris Everett

Chief Strategy Officer

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On-Demand Webinar