Engage, Energize, & Prepare

Harts Bluff ISD

Total Number of Students: 550
Harts Bluff ISD is a small school district located in the heart of Mount Pleasant that serves students in Kindergarten through eighth grade.

While Harts Bluff ISD may be small, it has established incredible goals to ensure that all of its students are future ready.  These goals include:

  • Engage students to make real-world connections to learning
  • Energize students to be inquisitive and full of wonder
  • Prepare students to be successful in high school, college, or the workplace

Harts Bluff ISD partnered with engage2learn to develop a customized plan to put these learner goals in motion.

After two years of implementation, Harts Bluff ISD is seeing the desired results. Students are taking ownership in their learning, contributing to the community, and bringing stakeholders together to be a part of the school environment.

Not only have these goals come to fruition with rising academic achievement, but students and staff are highly engaged as well.

Demographic Profile
African American 0%
Hispanic 43.9%
White 56.1%
American Indian 1.1%
Asian 0.5%
Pacific Islander )%
Two or more races 0.9%
Economically Disadvantaged 65.1%
Non-Educationally Disadvantaged 34.9%
Limited English Proficient (LEP) 20.1%
Students with Disciplinary Placements 0.2%
At-Risk 41.1%


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