Growing Educators and Students

South San Antonio ISD

South San Antonio ISD had a vision to create a quality public education for all students. The district believed that, through developing strong support systems, SSAISD could offer innovative learning experiences for Life Ready learning. In the spring of 2015, SSAISD partnered with engage2learn to facilitate a new strategic design for the district, engaging community members, staff, and students to create a collaborative local vision.

Following the strategic design process, SSAISD partnered with e2L for implementation. e2L clarified the SSAISD learner experience and aligned it to the strategic plan through the LIFe learning innovation framework design process. This enabled SSAISD stakeholders to create an actionable vision for a quality public education. SSAISD used e2L eGROWE Certified Coaches to ensure fidelity of implementation of their learning framework with training, coaching, and executive coaching. SSAISD also built internal coaching capacity through a Coaches Academy program with e2L.

As a result of SSAISD’s partnership with e2L, the district saw growth in both educators and students. Teachers grew in key best practices.

SSAISD saw an increase in student achievement in state standardized test scores. Compared to other district classrooms, e2L-coached educators’ students scored 8% – 9% higher.

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