Students' Corner: My Public School Experience | engage2learn

Welcome to the engage2learn Leading Learners blog series! We asked students across the state of Texas to interview their peers. Hear Kilgore ISD student Leticia interview her peers about their experience in public school.

leticia in public school

I am pleased to introduce Student A and Student B. Both students are in my humanities class and are filled with knowledge.

Student A is involved in many extracurricular activities such as yearbook, volleyball, and golf. One of her biggest academic achievements is going to Regionals for Feature Writing. She’s one of the most intelligent students in my class and is preparing for college assessments.

Student B does many community service events and is the Vice President of the KHS Science Club. His most memorable achievement was earning a grant for the Humanities program with a film he and his classmates filmed. Student B’s summer plans include attending a church retreat and getting a job alongside his father.


What has your experience been like in public school?

Student A: My experience has had its ups and downs. [I love] the social interactions and getting to be a part of special classes like Humanities.

Student B: My experience has been rather good. The Humanities program allows my learning to be customized through e2L in a more beneficial way than learning from textbooks in previous years. The environment is student-friendly and the teachers are open to receive feedback on their teaching and discuss the topics for further understanding.


What positive experiences and skills have you learned in school?

Student A: I’ve definitely learned social skills and how to collaborate with a team. They’ve consistently given me the opportunities to talk to both adults and students, and I’m grateful for that.

I’ve definitely learned social skills and how to collaborate with a team. Click To Tweet

Student B: I’ve had positive and challenging experiences throughout high school, but these experiences have taught me to become a better person. As for the skills, I have learned to be a better time manager, how to work in a team, and how to communicate more effectively.


What do you think educators could do to make school better?

Student A: I feel like the future of education is [not only] in teachers’ hands. I think we can make more progress as a district when administration partners with our teachers [and works outside of silos].

Student B: If every teacher implemented e2L into their classes it would yield better understanding of the material. e2L is very organized, efficient, and easy to use.


How do you think school prepares you for the future?

Student A: Humanities is a class that prepares you for the future through collaboration, autonomous learning, and creative projects.

Student B: Schools prepare students for the future in many ways. Working as a team with other individuals can allow students to become more comfortable with others and express their thoughts more effectively. Furthermore, the school’s environment shapes every individual’s personality.

The school’s environment shapes every individual’s personality. Click To Tweet


What piece of advice would you give to your past self about school?

Student A: I would learn as much as I can about everything. Instead of placing value on the grade, I would place value on learning the information. The grades will come along with that.

Student B: The advice I would give my past self is to work hard but also enjoy yourself.