If You Build it...They Will Learn | engage2learn

When building a house, one of the key components is the framework. It starts with a vision, a solid blueprint plus a plan for implementation. Once construction begins, the team works together to bring the vision/call to action of the infrastructure to life so the inhabitants of the home can live comfortably.

Building a Learning Framework is a similar process requiring the same amount of brain power needed to build a home. Learning Frameworks are essential to successfully reaching the outcomes desired by students, parents, community members, and educators. Today’s society requires skills that can only be obtained by establishing an environment where those skills can be exercised on a daily basis. Critical thinking and problem solving, learning to work with others via collaboration, creativity, and innovation are just a few of the skills required of employees and also the skills necessary in order to become an entrepreneur. Regardless of the path chosen, these skills become essential to the success of those who possess them.

engage2Learn (e2L) specializes in guiding districts in the creation of a Learning Framework, one that mirrors the needs of the community and those within it. When all of the stakeholders involved in the call to action come together, there is a powerful collaboration which yields outcomes for learners in a way that everyone involved in the process can respect and appreciate. One of those outcomes is innovation. Nurturing the creativity of students is an essential piece of the puzzle. In many cases, there are social-emotional abilities that students must develop to have the critical thinking skills and confidence to execute at a higher level. e2L has developed the Learning Innovation Framework (LIF) to bring that vision to reality.

e2L’s LIF Design process helps districts clarify their call to action for the ideal learner experience based on the characteristics, skills, and traits the local community desires for students in their public schools. The goal is to aid school districts to ensure learners have the necessary experiences to thrive in today’s context.

LIF helps district partners create the structure for several types of frameworks including: blended learning, personalized learning, social-emotional learning, literacy, active learning, college and career readiness, and more. Many districts seek solutions to make social-emotional learning (SEL) a reality. In its student-oriented focus, LIF automatically integrates SEL, ensuring students practice SEL with measurable improvements in achievement and LIF Ready Skills.

Building a framework is a great way to ensure your students will have a solid foundation on their journey to success. Once the framework is built, e2L can also provide coaching to administrators and teachers to ensure a smooth transition to a new style of learning and teaching. Construction is a detailed process with many moving parts, but having a solid plan and partnership can make the process easier. Let e2L help you build that sturdy framework!