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Differentiated instruction is a well-established and research-based practice that helps every student, rather than providing one uniform lesson to all. Dr. Carol Tomlinson, author of How to Differentiate Instruction in Academically Diverse Classrooms, defined differentiated instruction as “shaking things up and putting the student first, so students have multiple options to take in information, make sense of ideas, and express what they learned.” 

Despite understanding the value of differentiating learning for students, why do we still provide educators with a one-size-fits-all approach to professional development?

By making the commitment to shift away from traditional, "sit-and-get" professional development sessions, educational leaders can provide teachers with differentiated, targeted professional learning opportunities on a continuous basis. Supporting teachers through instructional coaching with tools that they need to grow in their craft will equip them to meet each of their students' unique needs and help prepare those students to adapt to an increasingly complex world. 

Education studies support meeting the needs of each student based on evaluating assessment data to determine the student’s current skill level and discover learning gaps. This information can then be used by teachers to create a plan for instruction to reach students at all skill levels and move them toward successful knowledge acquisition and demonstrated learning mastery.

Get answers to your teacher coaching questions with the FREE on-demand webinar and gain 5 actionable ways to:

  • Replace the one-size-fits-all professional development approach with a meaningful, individualized talent development system.
  • Center talent development around instructional coaching in competency-based learning and instructional best practices.
  • Cultivate a supportive, growth-focused school culture, thereby increasing job satisfaction and teacher retention.
  • Connect the dots between educator growth and student achievement to:
    • Recognize & celebrate growth
    • Identify what teacher coaching strategies are working to improve learner outcomes
    • Modify or strategically abandon what isn't

Meet the Speakers

Chris-Everett-headshot-professional-developmentChris Everett, Ed.D.

Chief Operating Officer

Chris serves e2L as the Chief Operating Officer, providing leadership and strategic vision to the organization. In this role, he fosters growth among team members and plays a critical role in the refinement, design, and integration of organization-wide, cross-team systems and processes to ensure alignment and increased operational efficiency. He brings a wealth of administrative and leadership experience to the team to help carry out the e2L strategic plan with a human-centered focus.

Chris has been a Texas educator for over 24 years, serving at multiple levels within the school structure. He has been a classroom teacher and athletic coach, a campus administrator, a district administrator, and a director at a regional Education Service Center. Chris has a doctorate in Leadership in Educational Administration from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and brings a wealth of experience and expertise related to leadership and systems thinking.

Casey Jackson -MSCS

Casey M. Jackson, Ed.D.

Senior Manager, Professional Learning & Support Department
Memphis-Shelby County Schools

Casey is the Senior Manager of the Blended Learning and Educational Technology team in the Professional Learning and Support Department of Memphis-Shelby County Schools. Prior to holding this position, she was a manager in Professional Learning and Support and an Instructional Support Advisor for High School Mathematics in Curriculum and Instruction. She also served as the Academic Programs Manager for KIPP Memphis Collegiate Schools after beginning her education career as a high school mathematics teacher.

Casey received my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Master of Science in Teacher Education from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. In addition, she obtained an Education Specialist degree in Instructional Leadership and a Doctor of Education degree concentrating in Instructional Leadership from Union University. Casey has a strong passion for education, having been an educator for over 12 years. Providing the support and resources needed to educate students has been at the center of her work all along.

kammi-greenKammi Green

Chief of Partner Success

Kammi has served in public education for many years prior to joining engage2learn as the Chief of Partner Success. She has held various leadership roles over her fourteen years in public education. She began her career in education by teaching junior high math in Victoria ISD and then in Bryan ISD. Kammi then moved into the roles of Director and Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction. She brings experience from the campus, district, and state levels for transforming teaching and learning to ensure every child is prepared for their future. Throughout her experience, Kammi has utilized her leadership skills to partner with educators to address adaptive issues with cultural solutions to make the necessary culture shifts at the campus and district level.

Serving as the Chief of Partner Success at engage2learn, Kammi’s primary responsibility is to ensure the success of district partnerships through the implementation of services and project management systems.

Improving Professional Development with engage2learn

engage2learn is a talent development company run by educators with years of proven experience in transforming teacher professional development and instructional coaching through data assessment, blended with a Growe teacher coaching model. The end goal of e2l is to make the public school the first choice for every family by helping to improve school culture, student outcomes, and teacher retention through personalized coaching and talent development.

engage2learn’s mission is to help school districts achieve their vision for every learner and help grow educators. e2l is transforming traditional professional development for teachers with a wide variety of tools in addition to professional development for teachers and talent development design including the following:

  • Coaches Academy
  • Teacher Coaching model
  • Instructional Coaching strategies
  • GroweLab all-in-one coaching platform for educators
  • GroweLab data analysis for teachers 
  • Much more

e2l has successfully partnered with over 300 public school districts in the United States to transform traditional professional development into an ongoing collaborative talent development system. Listen to our webinar and…

Learn why the best teachers need coaches.
Hear about what instructional coaching is and is not. 
Find out how to effectively conduct data driven instruction.

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