Aldine ISD

Aldine ISD wanted to establish a culture of innovation for its Aldine Innovate Academy. This culture would ensure that a large-scale Chromebook rollout and blended learning initiative actually had an impact on classroom practice. Throughout a three-year process, Aldine ISD partnered with engage2learn to design and facilitate the Innovate Academy concept. Through Executive coaching with campus administrators, e2L focused on shifting the culture to value autonomy and innovation across the campus.

e2L Executive Coaches met with campus leaders, teachers, and instructional technology coaches for training and coaching throughout the year. e2L coaches provided coaching to administrators, teachers, and instructional technologists at 19 campuses over a three-year period.

e2L training and coaching included four face-to-face collaborative training sessions throughout the year, as well as on-site coaching sessions for campus leadership, instructional coaches, and teachers. Instructional technologists received Coaches Academy coaching, which empowered them to grow teachers in Life Ready Best Practices with digital integration for blended learning.

Training focused on:

  • Creating beliefs, learner outcomes, and a learner profile.
  • Strategizing and planning for the new learning environment, digital tools, and organizational structure.
  • Designing digital tools for engagement and collaboration.
  • Building a rubric for assessing engagement and collaboration.

As a result of their e2L partnership, Aldine ISD now has 93,000+ active Google accounts and 37,582 Chromebooks in use. Aldine ISD also saw teacher growth in ISTE standards through regular coaching. This translated to teachers creating a learning environment where students are empowered to utilize digital tools to create their own personalized pathways to learning.