Innovation for All with LIFe

The Metropolitan Schools of Design in Corpus Christi ISD implemented the innovation of e2L's Blended Learning Framework in a feeder pattern to transform chronically low-performing campuses through blended learning.

Every K-12 learner used Chromebooks to research, design, create, and collaborate in an individual rotation model for blended learning. The Metropolitan Schools of Design showed the e2L Blended Learning Framework could be used for turnaround situations. In one year, this campus met AYP, saw increased attendance, cut discipline referrals by 50%, and increased standardized test scores by 6% – 8% for all subjects with a 20+ gain for students with special needs.

Through the Texas Title 1 Priority Schools Grant, Corpus Christi ISD received $11,574,170 to transform the learning environment in two schools another feeder pattern, Kostoryz Elementary School and South Park Middle School, also implemented the e2L Blended Learning Framework.

Since 2014, Kostoryz has increased by +609 spots out of all the elementary schools in Texas. That is compared to a +59 average increase in ranking for all CCISD elementary schools. Kostoryz also saw increases across the board in learners who met STAAR standards as well as postsecondary readiness.

After their e2L implementation, Kostoryz and South Park both saw increased attendance, decreased discipline referrals, and increased STAAR standardized test scores by 3% – 20% for all subjects.

e2L worked directly with Corpus Christi ISD stakeholders to conduct a technology assessment to ensure TTIPS schools met technical specifications for infrastructure and learning environment needs. Through e2L coaching and leadership, both Corpus Christi ISD schools improved academically and are no longer in IR status.