Martha Raines High School

Martha Raines High School


e2L partnered with Martha Raines High School, a 100% at-risk alternative campus located in Katy ISD. MRHS was looking for solutions to student attendance and behavioral issues as well as low standardized test scores. The school partnered with e2L to create a college and career readiness learning model to help students grow.


e2L partnered with MRHS to create a learning framework that encouraged student-oriented learning, as opposed to the school’s previous model of compliance and testing. Teachers, administrators, and district coaches were trained and coached on this learning model over several years and implemented it with fidelity in the classroom. In fact, MRHS reported that 97% of students were on board with the new learning model and preferred it over their previous methods of learning.


Martha Raines High School saw tremendous success from implementing their student-oriented learning model. In fact, their testing scores surpassed those of traditional high schools.

MRHS saw STAAR postsecondary readiness standard scores increase from 15% in the 2013 – 2014 school year to 25% in the 2015 – 2016 school year. They also saw a significant drop in disciplinary referrals and office visits for students.

TAKS exit scores went from 50% or lower to 92% for ELA, 67% for Math, 98% for Social Studies, and 94% for Science. Students who previously failed EOC exams also grew tremendously with this model. 65% showed significant growth in Math, as well as 100% in Science, 95% in Social Studies, and 80% in English.

e2L’s partnership with MRHS helped students earn more than just their diploma. They learned the life skills needed to thrive in today’s changing world and the economy of tomorrow.

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