Arlington ISD

Strategic Planning for Future Ready Learning

Arlington ISD wanted to create a consistent vision for learning  with a Strategic Plan that would help their students become lifelong learners. The district called on engage2learn to help facilitate the transition from planning to operations to make its vision a reality.

The district first partnered with engage2learn in 2014 to implement the e2L Blended Learning Framework at its elementary and middle school campuses. In 2015, Arlington ISD partnered with engage2learn to implement their strategic plan, which created a standard learning framework used in all Arlington ISD classrooms.

Arlington ISD wanted to give learners a consistent learning experience that matched the rollout of the district’s assessment strategies. The district again partnered with engage2learn to facilitate designing a framework for these learning experiences.

During the 2016 – 2017 school year, e2L worked with district leaders, curriculum staff, and principals to create the Arlington ISD Active Learning Cycle. This framework gave a common context for learning across the district, ensuring a consistent outcome for all learners.

In the spring of 2017, e2L began training and coaching a pilot group of teachers on implementing the Active Learning Cycle. In the summer of 2017, Arlington ISD expanded the launch to more teachers, growing the reach of the ALC. Now, in 2018, the district is actively training and coaching teachers on 15 campuses and has outlined the responsible rollout across the remaining 60 campuses over the next four years.

As a result of this partnership with engage2learn, Arlington ISD saw across-the board improvements in their 2018 STAAR / EOC scores. Students with e2L-coached teachers scored 6% higher than non-coached for approaches, 9% higher than non-coached for meets, and 4% higher than non-coached for masters.