Frenship ISD

Frenship Designed. engage2learn Facilitated.
Frenship Designed. engage2learn Facilitated.


Frenship ISD is implementing a shared vision for innovative learning experiences in the classroom. This includes personalized learning and infusing collaboration, communication, curiosity and context (the 4 Cs) into the learner experience. 


In an effort to bridge the transition from vision into implementation, Frenship ISD partnered with e2L to facilitate a process where district innovators came together to design the Frenship ISD learning solution.

While Frenship ISD has always been a good district, they wanted to develop a learning framework to clarify the learner experience so all educators and learners achieve excellence.

The district also believed a learning framework centered on the e2L Best Practices would provide students an opportunity for autonomy and give them an opportunity to contribute to the learning environment.

The district supports teachers implementing the Frenship Learning Framework through training and coaching so they can grow as well.

Using the Frenship Learning Framework, teachers design learning experiences that challenge learners to use a problem-solving strategies, their natural sense of curiosity, and critical thinking. The goal is to have all students solve real-world problems to stay engaged in relevant, collaborative learning with the focus on application.  


Learning Framework Training/Teacher Coaching, Executive Training