Coaching and Leading for LIFe©

Frenship ISD

Frenship ISD wanted to create a shared vision for innovative learning experiences in the classroom. They wanted an all-in-one solution that would empower them to personalize learning and implement The Four C’s (collaboration, communication, curiosity, and context). To bridge the transition from creating a vision to an implementation, Frenship ISD partnered with e2L.

engage2learn partnered with Frenship ISD to facilitate a process that brought together curriculum, instruction, and professional development personnel to design the Frenship ISD TIGERS Learning Framework.

While Frenship ISD has always been a good district, they wanted to develop a Learning Innovation Framework (LIFe©) so they would have clarity of methods for the learner experience to allow all educators and learners to achieve excellence. The district also believed a learning innovation framework centered on the e2L Life Ready Best Practices would provide students an opportunity for autonomy. The district is supporting teachers  implementing the Frenship Learning Framework through training and coaching, so they can grow as designers of innovative learning experiences.

Through a responsible rollout in 2016-2017, 120 teachers implemented the TIGERS Learning Framework aligned to e2L Life Ready Best Practices. The teachers received  coaching support from an e2L Coach to ensure fidelity of implementation. In 2017-2018, an additional 120 teachers implemented the framework while receiving coaching support from a Frenship ISD instructional coach as part of the e2L Coaches Academy.  

In the Summer of 2018, Frenship ISD leaders collaborated with e2L to design a customized Leadership Academy aligned to the e2L “5 Ways Leaders Influence Culture” for district leaders, campus principals, and assistant principals. The goal of the Leadership Academy is to create the ideals culture for Frenship ISD leaders and learners through a cohesive leadership academy aligned to the Frenship vision, beliefs, strategic design framework, TIGERS Learning Framework and leader profile.  

As a result of their partnership with engage2learn, Frenship ISD saw not only improved engagement, but saw an increase in test scores. Grades 3 – 12 Saw increases across the board in Approaches, Meets, and Masters for the below tests.

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