How e2L is Ensuring Our Partners Succeed with Remote Learning | engage2learn

We know our public school educators have both a huge challenge and unprecedented opportunity this fall to provide learners and families with the best learning experience ever, and we are making intentional updates to help you make this a reality in your district.

Like so many educators, the e2L team has been tirelessly working over the past several months to ensure we are able to provide your teachers, coaches, leaders, and learners the best possible service and support. Because public schools are tasked to ensure learners thrive in all learning environments–synchronous and asynchronous remote, blended, or in-person learning–we have put into writing several future-proof support assurances that we are excited to share with our partners.

Remote Learning Services:

Best Practices for Virtual/Distance Learning: Based on our research-based Best Practices Rubrics, we created a set of Best Practices for Virtual Learning aligned to the iNACOL standards and we used those for coaching during at-home learning this past spring very effectively. When school is virtual again this fall, we will ensure the coaching timeline is aligned so that remote learning for students is engaging and effective and teachers feel confident and have the tools they need to make this happen.

Virtual Coaching: eSuite’s coaching application, eGrowe Coach, which we honed over the past 9 years, supports virtual coaching seamlessly. We have already built into most contracts the virtual coaching option, and if things shift this year, we will continue to perform coaching services to support educators in making those shifts with fidelity just as we did for 10 weeks this past spring. I was amazed to hear even better feedback from educators this spring when coaching was virtual than we usually get!

eLX: We have recently updated our unit design platform with a new interface. It is now called eLX (e2L Learner Experience). This platform offers over 36,000 units searchable by standards and aligned to the TEKS. These units are competency-based and will support quality, engaging units, and lesson design for remote learning! You can use the units as they are, clone and tweak them, or create from scratch.

Online PD Courses: Free to our partners, we have developed a Master Class for Remote Learning as well as online courses for Competency-Based Learning in each of the most popular Learning Management Systems including Schoology, Canvas, Schoology, Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, and Seesaw.

e2L Coach Expertise

Virtual Teacher Certification: All of our e2L Coaches will have completed certification as Virtual Teachers through the Texas Virtual School Network. Although some of our staff already had experience as teachers in a virtual environment, we wanted every coach to be ready to coach teachers who may have to shift to virtual.

Digital Fluency: All of our e2L Coaches have already completed both Apple and Google certifications and are also proficient in Microsoft Teams, Canvas, Schoology, Seesaw, and Zoom and are able to coach and train using all platforms as well as assist teachers and coaches in all platforms. We are excited about our partnerships for 2020-2021! We know that it is a critical opportunity for all public school districts to offer quality learning experiences this year that lead to acceleration and mastery. We are confident these updates allow e2L to continue to support you in getting amazing results with learners and teachers, regardless of the shifting environment. If you have any questions about how these changes will impact your district, please reach out to your CDS for additional information and context.

Best regards,

Founder & CEO, engage2learn