Webinar Recording: Curing NAEP Math Score Woes

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This past October, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) released its testing results and analysis for K-12 students in the USA – commonly known as the Nation’s Report Card – for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The report details the sharpest drop in NAEP math scores ever recorded for 4th and 8th graders and paints a clear picture of the immense impact that the challenges associated with the pandemic have had on student achievement. Among these results is evidence that learning disruptions continue to disproportionately affect non-White students, making the need for equitable access to a quality education for every single learner all the more urgent. Luckily, the educator and learner support strategies that your school or district needs are already at your fingertips!

During this FREE on-demand webinar, you will learn how you can utilize competency-based learning & instructional best practices to:

  • Mitigate the effects of unfinished learning in math;
  • Accelerate NAEP and student achievement scores for all learners at any level of mastery; and
  • Focus educator coaching and support efforts on math instruction, thereby increasing job satisfaction and teacher retention.


kammi-greenKammi Green, e2L Chief of Partner Success

As Chief of Partner Success, Kammi’s primary responsibility is to ensure the success of district partnerships through the implementation of services and project management systems. She collaborates with the e2L’s Executive Directors of Partner Success and district leaders to help make every partner’s vision a reality.

Kammi brings 20 years of experience from the campus, district, and state levels for transforming teaching and learning in order to ensure every child is prepared for their future. Throughout her experience, Kammi has utilized her leadership skills to partner with educators to address adaptive issues with cultural solutions to make necessary and sustainable culture shifts at the campus and district levels.


raquel-perezRaquel Perez, e2L Executive Director of Partner Success

With 34 years of educational experience, Raquel is known for her meaningful leadership and coaching skills that lead to student achievement. She has worked with chronically low-performing campuses, including Title I schools, Gear-Up campuses, alternative high schools, TTIPS campuses, and Priority campuses, leading to double-digit gains in student learning for numerous partner districts. 

As the e2L Math Lead, Raquel analyzes projects to develop strategies and custom resources for accelerated district and campus success. She also provides job-embedded training and coaching to the team of e2L math coaches, vetting and incorporating trends and tools to strengthen critical analysis and math confidence in teachers and learners.

Prior to joining e2L, Raquel served as a math teacher, math department chair, assistant principal, curriculum specialist, and professional learning facilitator, as well as grant and assessment leader in a variety of urban districts, including Dallas ISD-area schools, Houston-area schools, and Corpus Christi ISD.

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